[I updated this post 11 months after it went live on 09/07/2017 as part of my #throwback series!]

Happy August, and welcome to the very first post on hollifeblog.com! This blog has been a long time coming; I first created an account with WordPress a year ago and have tried to get myself organised and ready to write ever since.

hollifeblog.comYou’ll have to be patient with me for a little while as I get used to blogging and find my niche, but I hope I’ll be able to settle into hollifeblog and that you will too! If you enjoy the content I’m producing, you can follow me by using one of the buttons in my sidebar. I also have a YouTube channel which posts similar content along with Vlogs, so if that sounds like your kind of channel, you can subscribe here.

Have a read of my About Me page (find it in the menu) and feel free to send me a message to say hello, give me some feedback, suggest post ideas or even ask me about working with me in the future. You will also find my social media links in the main menu or in my About Me page as well, which I keep updated each day.

If you enjoy makeup, beauty, skincare, personal stuff and other exciting content then you’ll like hollifeblog.com just as much as I do. I’m looking forward to seeing you in the comments sections of my blog posts!



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