how and why I bullet journal

I discovered Bullet Journaling, like many others, on Pinterest and was immediately in love with the idea, despite being slightly overwhelmed with the sheer volume and beauty of the different spreads and ideas. My system of having a ‘family binder’ just wasn’t working out for me, despite having many of the same elements as the Bullet Journal, so in May 2016, I dived straight in.

DSCF0158I plan everything in my Bujo. Everyone uses it differently and it takes a while to get into your personal planner peace, but for me, I need to be super organised and it needs to be all in one space. I actually now have another journal just for the blog but it’s not quite perfect… I may need to adjust things and somehow incorporate one into the other. I work from home, so I have a lot of time to work on my Bujo, so my method isn’t for everybody but I hope you enjoy this and future posts anyway!

My August setup is fairly simple compared to other months. I’ve done away with the habit tracker and weight tracker (I’m trying to go a month without weighing myself – I’ll write a post about my diet plan in a day or two) and going back to basics with my goals, master task list, waiting on list, gratitude & memories log, instagram schedule and a new blog schedule.

Here’s my DSCF0152August title page and goals. I like to have some small goals each month that aren’t on my ‘master task list’ (below). I then do a review at the end of the month to see where I am! I’m not great at drawing so ignore my attempts at a wreath, and I’m also not great at lettering so ignore that, too! Oh, by the way – the washi tape I’m using as decoration is sooooo pretty. I posted a picture on instagram of them a couple of weeks ago so make sure to have a look at @hollife.journal.

DSCF0153To the right is my master task list and my ‘waiting on’ list. General tasks which don’t have a specific deadline (like reading a new book, or sending a penpal letter) go on the master list. My ‘waiting on’ list has things that I’m well, waiting on – letters, emails, phone calls, parcels. It’s super useful to keep track of what I’ve ordered and what I haven’t recieved yet because I’d totally forget otherwise, especially because sometimes I order things from Wish or AliExpress so it takes weeks to get here!

 DSCF0155My blog schedule is looking very pretty with all the different colours. SPOILERS for future posts! My instagram schedule is a WIP at the moment as I took these pictures just before the end of August, but it’s the same set-up as the blog schedule, but just with a little follower count underneath each post idea. I post on instagram every day, so make sure you check it out (I posted the link in the Goals paragraph). I sometimes skip a day or swap a couple of days around, but I do try and post every day!

DSCF0156This is a new spread for me. I have done a memories page before but I’m going to incorporate a gratitude log into it this time, as I want to fill the page with writing. Sometimes just the black handwriting on a page looks really pretty, even if it’s really simple. I want to write in a big square spiral, rather than left to right, but I might have to stick something over the title, as I went wrong on the ‘R’ in memories and it’s just a bit wonky. But that’s the great thing about bullet journaling – you can just stick stuff all over it and it looks deliberate!

That’s it for my August set-up (except my budget page which is not meant for the internet!). I’ll of course post some updates and I’m planning a flip-through video as well (but who knows when that will get filmed!). For those of you who want to get started with a bullet journal but don’t know where to begin, I have a ‘how-to’ post planned for you, so keep an eye out. You can sign up to email alerts (on the sidebar, or below this post if you’re on mobile) so you can get notified as soon as I post! I also have a master post of ideas for spreads coming out in the next week.



me and buuj


6 thoughts on “how and why I bullet journal

  1. I love the bullet journaling system! I currently use a combo system (notebooks and a Passion Planner) but still love knowing there’s the flexibility to rapid-log. I’m also thinking about taking a more combined look and BuJoing directly into my Passion Planner, but I haven’t really ironed out the kinks yet!


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