[I updated this post as part of my #throwback series on 11/07/17]

I thought, as you will be reading about myself a fair bit as you read more of the blog that I would introduce myself and my family properly in a blog post. You’ll know a little about us if you’ve read the ‘About Me’ section of my blog, but nothing in excessive detail.

selfieLet’s start with my husband. His name is Chris and he’s 24, so he is around 16 months older than I am. We met whilst at university in Gloucestershire at a nightclub! He was the year above me, but our housemates knew each other and so we ended up meeting by chance. Chris will almost definitely make a guest appearance on the blog and YouTube channel at some point so you can get to know him a bit more the; all you need to know now is that he’s the type of man I never thought actually existed in real life. He’s like the living embodiment of all my “dream boyfriend” lists in my teenage diaries, with the added bonuses of some useful stuff too. He is basically like every Prince in every fairytale, just less fictional (and less rich).

We live in a terraced house in a small village near Stoke-on-Trent in England. It’s actually the home Chris grew up in; his parents moved out and rented it to us to live in whilst we save for a mortgage. I’m originally from the south coast so it’s been weird living up here – there’s no beach on my doorstep and it’s decidedly colder.

Sebastian lavender masque corn snakewas our first pet together (unless you count the caterpillar we saved from a salad once) and we took him home in January 2016. He’s a Lavender Masque corn snake and as you can see, he is beautiful. We were drawn to Seb in the pet shop because he was very chilled and was the only snake that didn’t want to bite our fingers. He’s still lovely and calm and so sweet with us, even though he’s definitely grown up now. He’s gone from 17g and 15 inches long to over 300g and almost 5 feet in eighteen months.

Haztessera corn snakeelnut is also a corn snake, but she’s a Tessera morph, which gives her the gorgeous stripes and patterns on her sides. We took Hazel home at the end of March 2016 when she was just 12g and 18 inches. As of today, she is approaching 300g and over 4 feet, so she’s growing well despite being a tiny non-feeder as a hatchling. Hazel is two years old, so basically the same age as her adoptive brother, but the size difference is noticeable. We also chose her because she was very calm and didn’t seem bothered by handling. She has a smiley face on her chin, too, which I thought was cute.

guinea pig pet yawn

We adopted our two Guinea Pigs earlier this year (2017) from a home that couldn’t look after them anymore and renamed them Corn Cob and Sweet Pea. They were very nervous when we brought them into our home and didn’t like to be handled or cuddled, but they are slowly becoming more trusting and friendly. I have been bitten a few times, something that I’m very used to after having many Guinea Pigs as a child. We keep them inside as we don’t have much outside space and they seem to enjoy themselves indoors.

tabby and tortoiseshell kittens

Finally, we have our newest additions. Percy and Eleanor are our kitten babies who we brought home in June 2017. They have already given us so much joy and happiness with their personalities and cuteness. There is more about them in this post and this video; it’s well worth a read and a watch if you like seeing cute kittens as much as I do.

That’s now it for the Robinson-Crane household. There may be more babies in the future (animal babies, not human ones) but for now, we’re finished! Until we expand our home, anyway…

6 thoughts on “MEET MY FAMILY

  1. Lovely ickle scale babies. We too have a collection of “exotic” pets, though I do miss having rats.Hope you enjoy Stoke, my ex from from up there (having also moved from the south coast)

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