though they may be but little, they are fierce

Having only been married for just over five months, it still seems a bit surreal saying me and my husband are a family. But we are, we even have two babies. Not actual babies, but two super sweet scale babies.

13631416_684151591735924_7123137713513641651_nLet’s start with the hubby. His name is Chris which, if you’ve read the ‘about me’ page, you’ll know already. He’s 23 and we met whilst at university. He was the year above me, but our housemates knew each other and so we ended up meeting by chance. [Side-note: I’m doing the whole boy-meets-girl story in a later post, as well as our wedding story!] Chris will almost definitely make a guest appearance on the blog at some point so you can get to know him a bit more then, so all you need to know now is that he’s the type of guy I never thought actually existed in real life. He’s like the living embodiment of my “dream boyfriend” lists in my diary as a teenager, with the added bonuses of some useful adult stuff too. He would make a good ‘prince’ in a fairytale, but he’d be a normal guy, rather than a prince… I’d be a princess. Obviously.

We live in a terraced house in a small village near Stoke-on-Trent in England. It’s actually the home Chris grew up in; his parents moved out and gave it to us to live in for a while. I’m originally from the south coast so it’s been weird living up here. There’s no beach on my doorstep!

Sebastian 13680507_687073418110408_1458947330123243713_nwas our first pet together (unless you count the caterpillar we saved from a salad which then turned out to be a hover fly rather than a butterfly) and we took him home on January 2nd 2016. He’s a Lavender Masque corn snake and as you can see, he is beautiful. He’s a very pretty boy. We were drawn to Sebbie in the pet shop because he was so lovely and calm and didn’t try and bite us. He’s still lovely and calm and so sweet with us, even though he’s a heifer now; he’s gone from 18 grams and 17 inches to 110g and 27 inches in just 7 months. We don’t know how old he is for certain, but we reckon just under 18 months.

Haz13557695_682705808547169_1601977445772199940_nelnut is also a corn snake, but she’s a Tessera morph, which gives her the gorgeous stripes and patterns on her sides.we took Hazel home at the end of March 2016 when she was just 12g and 18 inches. As of today, she is 45g and 22 inches, so she’s growing well despite being a tiny non-feeder as a hatchling. Hazel is 14 months old, so basically the same age as her adoptive brother, but the size difference is astounding. Hazelnut has only tried to bite me once (on my palm, she failed) and is very calm and explorey. She’s very much a daddy’s girl; she prefers Chris to me even though I feed her and give her new toys for her house…

Anyway, that’s it for the Robinson-Crane household (oh yeah, that’s our surname. I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned that…). Who knows, maybe there will be more scale babies, or guinea pig babies or maybe even real babies in the future. But our family is pretty perfect as it is for now ❤



P.S. if you’d like to learn more about caring for corn snakes, there will be a post on august 6th!

5 thoughts on “though they may be but little, they are fierce

  1. Lovely ickle scale babies. We too have a collection of “exotic” pets, though I do miss having rats.Hope you enjoy Stoke, my ex from from up there (having also moved from the south coast)

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