bullet journal spread ideas

I know that I’m always searching for bullet journal ideas and so other people probably are too! So I’ve compiled a list of ideas that I’ve had, found or used for anyone that is stuck in a little bullet journal rut! Enjoy!

Yearly, Monthly, Weekly & Daily

Weight tracker

Habit tracker

Monthly goals

Social media schedule

Blog schedule

‘Waiting on’ list

Master task list

Grocery ‘master’ list

Month memories

Monthly review


Budget & Expenditure

Gratitude log

Water tracker

Weekly/daily food log

Weekly menu

Calendar (yearly or one month)


Birthdays & anniversaries

Future log

Period tracker

Capsule wardrobe

Yearly review


Life goals

Icon index (key)

Important information (e.g. insurance details, dentist number, etc)

I.C.E – emergency plan

Savings tracker

Morning routine

Nighttime routine

Health/symptoms tracker

Exercise plan

Diet plan

Pet information (e.g. feeding, size, vet trips, medication, etc)

Usernames and passwords



Washi tape samples

Positive affirmations or quotes


Study schedule

School timetable

Housework tracker/plan

Challenges (there are so many, e.g. Plan With Me, PTL Doodles and Rock Your Handwriting. Have a look on the ‘net, or wait until my challenges master post…)

Dream journal

Packing for trips

Temperature, weight & length conversions

Journaling (using your bujo as a personal diary)

Art (you could combine an art journal or smash book with your bullet journal)

Class/meeting notes

Your star sign and how to relates to you

Mental health spread (e.g. triggers, appointments, things that help, etc)

5 year plan

Penpal tracker



Jobs applied for

Cinema releases

Home projects

DIY projects

Interview tips

Plan to become a better person

Books to read

Book inventory

Rules to live by

Films to watch

TV series tracker

TV shows to watch

DVD/Bluray inventory

Boxset inventory

Creative ideas (about anything – sims builds, blogposts, tattoos, youtube videos, etc)

Date night ideas

Summaries on a topic (e.g. from a book, blog post, diet plan, or something educational)

Outfits list

Bucket list

Spread ideas 😉

Travel plans/bucket list

Places you’ve visited

Lettering & fonts

Games to play

Games completion tracker

Game inventory

Book/Film/Game reviews

Beauty products you own


Things to be happy about

Words of Wisdom

Holiday planning (outfits, hotel info, flight info, etc)

Christmas gifts sent and received

Pregnancy spreads (cycle info, appointments, dates, baby names, baby shower plans, bets on sex/weight/date, symptoms, cravings, birth plan, classes, notes on pregnancy books, milestones, mood, weight, nursery plans, etc)

Baby/child spreads (height, weight, milestones, school info, etc)

Party planning

Favourites – songs, food, anything!

A-Z of you

101 facts about you

What you would do with £1million

Things you want to stop doing

Things you want to start doing

Letter to your past/future self

Best jokes

Things you can’t live without

Your top 5… (makeup items, clothing, food, etc)

Your strengths and weaknesses

Hope you enjoyed the list and got some inspiration from it. Let me know if you have any other ideas I should include in the list and also if you use any of the ideas!



6 thoughts on “bullet journal spread ideas

      • Thanks! I’m actually super excited about it! I mean, I’m starting school in 2 weeks, so I’m going to be getting used to carrying larger books ANYWAY… Might as well give myself roomier (and reorganizeable) journal pages while I’m at it. 😉


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