dear young Holly…

Like everyone else on the planet, I’ve made mistakes in my life. Yup, I’m human, contrary to popular belief. Mistakes are part of growing up and growing old and we can learn from them in order to better ourselves, but there are some choices that haunt me to this day, especially from whilst I was at school. I’ve written a letter to myself, a decade ago, about my choices in high school. Read on to find out more.

Dear 11 year old (and 3/4) Holly,

You’re about to start secondary school, which I know you’re excited about, but I need to lay down some home truths for you before you get carried away.

1934115_33446439832_8932_nDO NOT CUT YOUR HAIR SHORT. Keep it long. Stop brushing it, please, please, stop brushing it. Let it curl naturally, sleep on a silk pillow and put product in it after you wash it. KEEP IT LONG. You’ll look like a stereotypical fat German kid otherwise. Also, don’t get a fringe. Ever.

Don’t stop with your swimming or dancing. Keep going until you’re the best. You love doing it and your future self will thank you for the lack of puppy fat, which never really goes away otherwise. Keep exercising and start eating better food. The fact that you’re bigger than everyone else at school (that’s what it feels like) will slowly kill you from the inside and you’ll end up very sad because of it.

Uniqueness should be something that’s celebrated and is part of why the human race is so8534_201893853344_5741879_n amazing, but at high school there is NO room for anything out of the norm. Keep on trend, don’t say weird stuff and wear however much makeup you can get away with. Watch tutorials – actually, it’s 2006 and you won’t have broadband for another 4 years. Use your phone to watch – oh, no, wait. It’s 2006 and no one uses the internet on their phone. Okay. just put some mascara and some powder on, then finish it with some gloss. There you go. That will do.

Don’t bother with boys. If you have a crush, ignore it. Don’t even try until year 10. Nothing will happen and it’ll just end up in embarrassment. Actually, don’t try until university. You end up in a very bad relationship when you’re 15/16 and everyone hates you at the end of it because he’s a dick. At university, go wild. But not TOO wild (that’s another story).

Save as much money as you can. Don’t spend your inheritance and savings when you get it. In 10 years time you’ll be cursing OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAyourself and begging the stars for a small lottery win so you can afford to live a little better, or put down a deposit for a mortgage.

Keep writing and keep a diary. Write down all your ideas and memories and take photos of everything. Your future self will thank you for the nostalgia. Keep your DS games safe in their boxes. Keep your Tamagotchi.

Just continue being a nice person to everyone. Work hard at school but try and have fun and make friends as well. Don’t let these five short years define you. You will achieve so much more than this and even if my warnings mean nothing and you still make the same mistakes, know that school means nothing to anyone once they leave it. You’ll be okay.

Love from,

Holly (aged 21 and 3/4)

What would you tell your future self if you could go back in time? Let me know down below ❤



12 thoughts on “dear young Holly…

    • Aha, ‘if there’s no weed, there’s no way’! 😂 I’ve got a ‘to my future self’ letter planned for next month(?) And also another letter to my past self 5 years ago too :3

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