purple and gold smoky eye

I don’t claim to be a beauty guru or a makeup artist or anything, but I do love me some makeup. I used to be awful at it until I discovered YouTube makeup tutorials, bought some better products and practiced a LOT. I still have lots to learn and I do want to get better makeup (all of mine is high street/ebay) but this is what works for me! So, without further ado, this is my makeup of the day, with what products I used and how I created it. Enjoy!

IMG_20160805_133003IMG_20160805_133017I always prime before I shove a tonne of makeup on my face otherwise I get spots (I have a couple on my chin at the moment, so you’ll have to ignore those). I love this day cream and primer combo, it smells like a dream and is so moisturising on my normal skin.

During summer I don’t actually wear foundation. If I’m
DSCF0162.JPGdoing ‘proper’ makeup, I’ll use BB cream or tinted moisturiser. My Stila tinted moisturiser was only a fiver in my local beauty outlet and is also illuminating, so you glow girl! I get everything in the palest shade possible because I’m WHITE AS HELL. I got this new antique-looking brush from ebay last week to do my foundation with as it creates an even coverage, apparently. All the beauty gurus are using them. You’ve got to be careful to avoid streaks, though. IMG_20160805_132900.jpgConcealer is a little tiny pot by W7. I’m still on the lookout for the perfect concealer. Everything is too pink or too yellow for me. I need it whiter! I put it under my eyes, on my lower cheeks, on my nose and wherever I have blemishes. IMG_20160805_132941.jpg

This setting powder gets EVERYWHERE but leaves my skin so soft and matte without looking cakey. I put it all over my face to set my foundation but concentrate it on my under-eye area to prevent creasing. It was super cheap from ebay.

IMG_20160805_132703.jpgDSCF0171I’m trying out new contour today. This came from ebay and is a creamy contour palette. I can never find the right shade contour for my skin tone! Sometimes I just use bronzer. I put the contour on my temples, jawline, nose and under my cheekbones. I go over it with a tiny bit of bronzer. IMG_20160805_132836.jpg

My blush is from W7 and is so pigmented, so I have to use the tiniest amount. I love the Real Techniques brushes but I only have two! One for bronzer, one for blush. DSCF0175

Highlighter is next and this is also from W7. You can use it as an eyeshadow as well, but it’s a really subtle gold-toned highlighter for those days when you don’t want your cheekbones to SLAY that much. I put it on the tip of my nose and cupids bow as well using a fan brush and my finger.IMG_20160805_133040IMG_20160805_122830.jpg

My eyebrows are a bit of an enigma. I don’t pluck them until I am going out somewhere fancy or they’re SUPER bushy because I don’t want to accidentally overpluck them. Recently I got this brow gel by Benefit free in Glamour magazine and it’s the perfect shade (for my natural hair, anyway) so I’ve been using it daily. I’m scared about it running out…

IMG_20160805_132539.jpgEyes! I use a W7 primer (are you sensing a pattern?) so the eyeshadow stays put all day. First I put some beautiful gold glittery shadow (from Hong Kong!) on the centre of my lid. The palette broke in the mail, so I’m currently waiting for a replacement. It’s been about a month now, though. I then put some darker pinky-gold on the outer lid and above the gold to use as a transition shade.

IMG_20160805_133113.jpgThis palette is amazing, it has three layers and so many colours to choose from. I chose a purple shade today and put it on my outer eyelid and smoked it up and out using a small blending brush. On the outer edges of the purple I used a lighter shade of pinky purple to help with the blend. I brought it through my crease as well.

On my inner corners I put a dark brownish gold and blended it into my IMG_20160805_125652.jpglower lashline, into the same dark purple as on my eyelid. Finally, I finished off with two coats of mascara! I use a W7 mascara with a thick brush to separate and coat my lashes, then a Bourjois mascara to really amp up the volume. I never use false lashes because my eyeshape doesn’t suit them, plus I can never put them on properly! IMG_20160805_132717IMG_20160805_132848

Lastly, I put on some matte lipstick. I prefer matte to satin, sheen or gloss because it’s kiss-proof and sometimes food-proof! I have soooo many lipsticks. I’ll do a show-and-tell of them one day. I also use setting spray to, well, set it all, so it doesn’t come off during the day.

I’m done! Here are the before and afters:


That’s it! Leave me some comments down below if you have any recommendations for contour or highlighter as I’m looking for some next. Also, if you want me to try another look in the future, hit the Like button so I know you enjoyed this one!



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