a closer look at my books

I’m a huge worm. A bookworm that is. I love books and always have done; my mum used to have to force me to put down my book at the table so I could eat breakfast (even though she reads more than I do, AND works in a bloody library now). I’ve even read all through the night before. Obviously I have a book wishlist the size of a small country, but here are the books currently on my lovely Ikea shelves.


Let’s start with the top. On the left is a laser cut print from my sister-in-law. It’s my favourite wedding gift. The lovely rhino up there is Ron, bought with leftover Next vouchers. Chris fell in love with him, even though he’s a doorstop. He’s guarding our picnic basket! We haven’t actually been on a picnic since my parents gifted it to us, but I am looking forward to having one when we finally have sunshine (it is August, surely we’re allowed some?)


On the bottom (next to our junk drawer) is Chris’s shelf. Chris reads SO SLOWLY whereas I read faster than the speed of light. He’s been reading the first Game of Thrones book since the first year of university. He graduated a year ago. He also has a box of ‘open when’ envelopes which I made for him as a New Years present for 2015. He’s still got tonnes left. The jar is what he keeps the open ones in. Please excuse the smart meter/router wires.


Above Chris’s shelf is THE BEST SHELF. This is my Harry Potter shrine. I have photographs, a guide book, two plastic bags, a stamp book and a ticket from the Warner Bros Studio Tour, the Film Wizardry and Page to Screen books, Gryffindor socks and tie, Slytherin scarf and tie, Harry Potter glasses and wand, signed photo of Tom Felton and Rupert Grint, Harry Potter-themed jewellery inside a Chocolate Frog box, the three ‘library books’ and the seven actual books. I’ve had the shrine since 2011.


 Next up is my feminism and mind shelf. It hasn’t got very much on it at the moment (although there’s a couple of books waiting to be put on this shelf once they’re read). The Men are from Mars book has been annotated to SHIT as I disagree with 99% of what it has to say. Note the ‘Myth of Mars and Venus’ book next to it. I had to get them both for my English A-Level and it was my favourite topic – I actually credit that as the moment I realised I was a total feminist.


This shelf is my ‘dystopian future’ shelf. Yup, it has its own shelf. It’s the first genre I really fell in love with after whatever genre Harry Potter is. Fantasy? Adventure? I’m not sure. I haven’t really read many since finishing The Hunger Games at college, but I definitely have some on my list, like the sequel to Matched and the final Uglies book. It irritates me that my THG books aren’t the same style. Just looking at it now is annoying me.


My YA/teen shelf is messy, so I’m sorry about that first of all. I have a few Sherlock books which I don’t think I’ve ever finished. I LOVE BBC Sherlock but, honestly, I couldn’t get into the non-Doyle books. Maybe because they’re not ‘proper’ Sherlock. I’ve still got some YA books on my wishlist because I’ve had the same wishlist since I was sixteen and have never had much money to buy them with. I still want to read them! I mean, I’m still a young adult, right? Right?!

DSCF0186This is my adult shelf. Its most chick-lit (which is a a genre name I actually really dislike because of the connotations and stereotypes) but I’m slowly building some quality bookage in there. A lot of adult novels I still find quite heavy and uninteresting because I’m COOL and YOUTHFUL. Or because I’m just reading the wrong type of book. The Husband’s Secret was a really good read, I recommend it to fellow semi-adults. Or actual adults.


The last shelf is my non-fiction and autobiographies shelf. I have a thing for feminist celebrity autobiographies as you can tell. Also, don’t judge me for the Dan and Phil book. I found them when I was sixteen and so when they brought their book out I had to buy it, really. I still enjoy their videos (especially their gaming channel), but feel super old watching them. [Side note: I have a fave youtubers post planned for September]

DSCF0180Lastly, here are all the books I haven’t actually read yet! There’s so many, but I haven’t read in AGES because I’m trying to work through a really huge book that I’m not totally into, so it’s taking me ages to get reading. I’m also reading a pregnancy book, because I want to be super-prepared for when I do decide to have a sproglet, which won’t be until we have a mortgage. So, in thirty years then! A couple of the books my mum ‘lent’ to me (meaning she’ll never get them back’, one of them she bought for me, and the others I got from Amazon or Waterstones. I used to get everything from Amazon (erm, hello 1p books?!) but Chris and I always go into ‘Stones now whenever we see one and it’s just so tempting to get all the books in the shop. The smell of new books is amazing.

Well, I may not have many books right now, but I do want to have a personal library one day. To see the books currently on my Amazon wishlist, click [here]! Please feel free to buy them and send them to me. Just kidding. Tell me your favourite books in the comments!



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