testing cheap/fake lipsticks

[This is the blog post to accompany the ‘Fake LimeCrimes Lipsticks’ YouTube video uploaded the day before this post – find it at the bottom of this post]

Bargains are great, but when it comes to makeup, they’re not always the best quality. No pigmentation, lots of fall out, creasing and no blendability (I totally just made up a word) are just some of the issues I’ve had with cheap makeup in the past, but how will these super cheap lipsticks fare? All of them were bought on eBay or Aliexpress for £3 each (or cheaper).

Disclaimer: I will not be providing links to the lipsticks because I cannot guarantee the ingredients, whether the products are cruelty-free and if they’re genuine or not.

First, I’ll be testing out a Kylie Jenner Lip Kit fake. I have the shade IMG_20160819_120943[1].jpg‘Reign’, which is one of the Metallic lipsticks. The lipstick did not come with a lipliner, but I’m not 100% sure on whether the ACTUAL product does; I’ve seen some with and some without.

TIMG_20160819_154540[1].jpghe packaging is pretty decent. It came in a box which I couldn’t find fault with and the tube itself is fairly high quality. There’s no chipping of the paint or any ‘dodgy bits’ that I can see. I don’t have an original Kylie lipstick to compare it too, but at a glance I don’t think you can tell the difference!

The product itself is a pretty good match colour-wise, but there isn’t any metallic-ness. In the tube it looks really metallic but on my lips it’s just a dull purpley-brown. It’s a nice colour, but I want the metal!

This is easily my favourite lipstick out of all the ones we’rIMG_20160819_120954[1].jpge testing today. It’s an actual brand (LA Girl) in the shade ‘Bazaar’ and I got it for half the price on eBay. IMG_20160819_155403[1].jpg

It’s advertised as a matte gloss which, to me, is an oxymoron. It is super matte and not glossy at all, but who cares, they can call it whatever they like! It comes in a fat tube and I’ve been using it for a couple of months now. It’s my go-to lipstick as it’s so easy to apply! It’s creamy and only needs one coat as it’s so pigmented.

Next up is a Chinese brand called Pei En. I got a set of 16 lipsticks for IMG_20160819_120834[1].jpgunder £3 but unfortunately some were damaged beyond repair once they arrived, so I’m down to 10! There are ‘normal’ lipsticks, matte lipsticks and IMG_20160819_120744[1].jpgshimmery lipsticks in the set so I’ll swatch them otherwise we’ll be here forever!

They feel soft on my lips but never seem to dry at all, especially because you have to put on more than one layer. They definitely failed the kiss test, even a couple of hours after applying! But if you just want to shove some lipstick on (and won’t be eating or kissing anytime soon) they’re a super cheap alternative to store-bought lippies.

These two lippies are unbranded, which kinda freaks meIMG_20160819_120924[1].jpg out because I have NO IDEA what’s in it, who made it, or even what I’d search to IMG_20160819_162652[1].jpgresearch them. They’re both matte and come in plain tubes exactly the same size as the LA Girl gloss.

They’re pretty flaky but have such a good pigment to them that I don’t really mind having to top them up. They’re a bugger to get off and make my lips so sore when I use a makeup wipe. I was searching for the perfect deep red for a long time and this IS IT. I just wish it was branded!

Check out the swatches and review of the fake LimeCrimes lipsticks below! Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more videos ❤




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