what’s in my film & TV collection?

I’m a DVD hoarder as well as a sucker for organisation so my DVD shelves are pretty swish. I alphabetise my collection with numbers at the end and any ‘the’s ignored and every time I get a new DVD it takes me about ten minutes to add it to the shelf, as I have to move things down. Ugh.

My hoarding started when I was sixteen or seventeen and at college. I did Film Studies as an A-Level which probably contributed, but I’ve always been a lover of cinema. I began getting TV series’ because I always missed episodes when they were on TV and then developed into an obsession when I started Television Production at university. We have close to 200 DVDs now (and one bluray which is banished to the empty space on the bottom shelf). I still have a tonne of DVDs on my ‘to watch’ list, which is nestled nicely in my bullet journal…

dvds to watch.jpg

People always ask me why I don’t just stream movies or shows, but they don’t understand that I NEED the physical thing. I need to own it, even if I only plan on watching it once.

I HATE not having a sequel to a film, even if I didn’t like it, which is why I have things like Bad Neighbours 2 on my list to buy. It also physically HURTS that we don’t have most of the Star Wars films except the latest and, randomly, Episode III. The first thing I’d do with a lottery win would be buy ALL THE FILMS on my list, plus more.


I like a wide range of genres. The only thing I really CANNOT watch is Horror because I’m a wimp and get super scared afterwards. I watched someone play PT (a playable trailer of a scary game) on YouTube the other day and had to get Chris to take me to the loo. I don’t even believe in the supernatural, but it was SO FREAKY. The worse types of horrors for me are gore, because it’s usually a ‘normal’ murderer SO IT TOTALLY COULD HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE.


My favourite moments in film or TV are when something totally dramatic is happening and the music gets SO. GOOD. Watch this clip below to see what I mean:

Did you lol? I did.

Anyway, let’s take a closer look at some of the DVDs and Boxsets I have…

Pulp Fiction – I swear, I have TRIED to watch this movie about five times, but every time I’ve fallen asleep halfway through, woken up and realised it’s still going on and then fallen asleep again. It’s meant to be this iconic film that everyone has to watch but it’s so… boring. There, I’ve said it.

MCU – (stands for the Marvel Cinematic Universe and includes all the Avengers movies) I’m a huge superhero movie fan. I know most people are nowadays but there’s just something about all the costumes and the dramatic music (see above) that makes me weak at the knees. Don’t tell DC that I’m cheating on them.

Rom-Coms – When I was a teen, I loved a good rom-com. Now I’m an Actual Functioning Adult™ I’ve grown out of the genre but I still like having them for nostalgia purposes (and for when it’s my time of the month).

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – Definitely the film I’ve watched the most out of everything, even the Harry Potters’ (which are in their own shrine if you’ve read my post about what’s on my bookshelves. It’s not even that good, I just love it for some reason *cough* Martin Freeman *cough*.

Downton Abbey series 1-3 – Okay, so I actually asked for this as a gift because I really wanted to get into it. It wasn’t supposed to be successful. Well, I’m sure ITV wanted it to be, but it’s basically a Period Drama, which aren’t exactly prime-time TV. Everyone loves it, but I can’t even bring myself to watch one episode, hence why it’s been shunned to the bottom shelf with the pillow case and freebie drawstring bag.

Chris’s Additions – Chris didn’t bring many films with him when we combined our collections but the ones he did bring are… well. Maybe you should watch ‘Crocodile’ and find out. He’s also to blame for the random Star Wars Episode III DISASTER.

That’s about all the interesting ones I have at the moment. Did you see your favourite film in my collection? Or do you have any recommendations? Let me know in a comment below :3



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