NEW! #hollifeholidays BuJo challenge (October)

I recently reached 500 followers on instagram (I'm actually nearer 700 now) and as a celebration I thought I'd create my own instagram challenge for me - and hopefully others - to participate in from October onwards! Read on to find out more... The challenge name is Hollife Holidays, with the simple hashtag #hollifeholidays. The … Continue reading NEW! #hollifeholidays BuJo challenge (October)

youtube: complete bullet journal flip-through

Over on my YouTube channel I've put together a complete flip-through of my first ever bullet journal! I've used it for five months now and have been setting up my new one over the past couple of weeks which is really exciting for me (laaaame). You can find the link to the video below and … Continue reading youtube: complete bullet journal flip-through

tracking periods in your bullet journal

First of all, sorry to those who don't have periods. Feel free to scroll on and ignore this particular post. Or read it for the sake of it! Anyway. Whether you have a journal or not, I believe that tracking your monthly visitor and all the symptoms in-between should be second nature to everybody who … Continue reading tracking periods in your bullet journal