looking back at august

My first month of blogging has been quite hectic for me – as well as blogging every day, I’ve also been filming and editing YouTube videos AND posting on my new Facebook page too (please like/subscribe btw!).

But what else has been happening?

Let’s start off with the not-so-good bit. I’ve been quite ill over IMG_20160826_111626[1].jpgthis month, but seem to be getting better now, thankfully. I have gallbladder issues, so I had an attack at the beginning of August, which was SO painful. This caused the gallbladder to swell, which rubbed against my lung and caused THAT to be inflamed too! It hurt to breathe and move for three weeks, but after a dose of antibiotics (which also made me ill, because, well, it’s me) I can breathe, yawn and sneeze again. I had some more blood tests, which took ages and multiple doctors and nurses because my veins are so hard to find and I have another ultrasound booked and after that I might have an MRI scan and THEN maybe surgery to remove my gallbladder!

My parents visited for a few days in the middle of August with their doggies so we went out for dinner and lunch like, every day. I felt a little poorly then so couldn’t have dessert (that’s how you know I’m really ill). We also had a BBQ with really nice sausages.

IMG_20160826_111025[1]I got a tattoo! If you follow me on instagram you’ve probably already seen it but I’ll include a pic here for those of you who don’t (please follow me, I’m lonely). It cost me £80 for the hour, even though it’s meant to be £40 an hour, grr. But it turned out well. I got the original rose outline two years ago, and the heart/semi-colon one year ago, but I’ve always wanted to have the rose ‘extended’, so I designed this!

We actually ended the month in the positive for the first time in a VERY long time, which is good because I don’t have an interest-free overdraft anymore. We’re trying to save for a mortgage and a baby and more pets and stuff so we want to be saving every single month. We didn’t really have enough to put into savings, but it’s a start just not being in my overdraft.

On the 31st, we drove down south to stay with my parents (they’re in Sussex, I’m in Stoke) for a few days for a wedding. Actually, when this post goes up, it’s day two of the wedding! It’s a three-day affair, but me and Chris are driving back up on the third day, which I guess is tomorrow when you read this. That’s why I’ve (probably) been a bit absent for the past couple of days. I dunno, because I’m writing this IN THE PAST. It’s not even the 31st yet. I’m just keeping on top of things before I go away! I might be filming a vlog about the few days away, so make sure you’re subscribed to my YT channel! Screenshot_2016-08-26-11-12-38[1]

I reached 500 followers on Instagram! YAY. I also got 4000+ views on the blog (as I write this, I have about 3800 but I’m optimistic about the next 4 days). I’d love it if you could follow the blog by clicking the link in the sidebar. September will be a lot more organised and I have some really great posts lined up!

Here’s my mini review in my bullet journal – just the positives of course!:


Anyway, that’s it for my August review! It wasn’t a super busy month but we still got some stuff done and started things off at the hospital to have surgery (which is scary, I’ll probably do a blog post about it at some point). Let me know how your Augusts’ went and what you’re looking forward to about Autumn.




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