my desk setup

I have a lot of stationary. A lot. And I have to organise everything perfectly, so I needed a nice desk with enough space for all of my stuff. Let’s take a closer look!


The desk itself is from Ikea. I wanted a corner desk with storage space for my notebooks and stationary so this one is perfect. It’s lasted just over a year and has been dismantled and rebuilt several times! Eventually, though, I do want to replace it with something a bit smaller as it does take up quite a lot of space in what is already a pretty small room.DSC_0011[1].JPG

On the back is my noticeboard where everything semi-important like invitations, unpaid bills, contact details and random crap gets pinned.

DSC_0009[1].JPGMy computer is so important to me, I use it every single day and I would be lost without it – especially because as I’m writing this, I don’t have a phone! It’s a Lenovo all-in-one computer that I got in January 2014, so I’ve been with it longer than I’ve been with my husband. It’s getting on a bit in PC years and I’m dreading the day it dies. It is bloody heavy though.Behind my computer is a magnetic whiteboard. I have a shopping list pad stuck on there and the occasional drawing, tattoo design or note to myself. I also use post-its to write notes and stick them to my computer.DSC_0008[1].JPG

On top of my desk sits my printer, which is supposed to be wireless but will not work without a wire, our Mr & Mrs teddies that we got as a wedding present and usually some rubbish or old magazines.

DSC_0007On the left side are two shelves and a pull out drawer-type-thing. I have some scrapbooking bits on the top, a calendar and meal vouchers (wedding presents) in the middle and some envelopes and plastic wallets in the pull out drawer.

On the actual desk, other than the mouse DSC_0005.JPGand keyboard you’ll usually find 90% of my makeup collection (I do my makeup videos and posts down here!), my bullet journal, a mirror and sometimes food. It’s super messy at the moment; I can only apologise.

DSC_0006On the right is my stationary, my notebooks and on the top shelf I have pins (for my noticeboard), memory sticks and cards, a music box that plays the Harry Potter theme song and Humphrey the Hedgehog.

I have so many notebooks. Each one is labelled and has a purpose. I have a study notes journal (I haven’t got notebooks for my new university course yet!), two ‘etc’ notebooks for random stuff, a Harry Potter journal, an art journal, two more study note journals for specific courses I did and Chris’s notebook for random stuff. Scrap bits of paper gets put here, too. Also, pencils and watercolours, because why not?!DSC_0010.JPG

My stationary holder is homemade, if you couldn’t tell, and is made from a router box, my phone (the stolen one, sob) box, kitchen roll tubes and random bits of cardboard. It has a space for my fineliners, my pencils, random pens, scissors, washi tape, pretty paper/stickers, glue, post-its, paperclips, erasers and sharpeners and my fancy pens. It fits in so nicely, too! Just for the hell of it, here are all the washi tapes I have:


That’s it for my desk and stationary, I hope you enjoyed the messy imperfection of it. Let me know how you store your stationary down below – link me to posts or pictures! Organisation porn is the best kind of porn.



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