the boyfriend tag

Another challenge where I’m changing ‘boyfriend’ to ‘husband’. I can’t find the original creator of this tag but there are hundreds of videos on YouTube with the same Q & A! The premise is that I ask Chris some questions about me and see how well he does. My answers are at the bottom!

H: I’m watching TV – what’s on the screen?
C: You’re not, because we don’t have a TV licence. You’re watching a Let’s Play. Maybe Dan & Phil.

H: We’re out for lunch – what dressing is on my salad?
C: Most of the time, what salad? Whatever happens to come with it. I don’t think we’ve ever been in a situation where we have a choice. You just get what you’re given.

H: What’s a food I don’t like?
C: Curry. Sad face.

H: We’re out for dinner and drinks – what do I order?
C: For food you’ll go for something you haven’t had for a while. Depends where we are. If we’re at a proper restaurant then you’ll have a cocktail, as I’ll probably be the one driving. If you’re not feeling well you’ll have a tap water.

H: What size shoe do I wear?
C: I should know this because of the recent shoe fiasco. [Side note: the shoe fiasco was New Look sending me a pair of shoes in a different size for each foot. This would be great if my feet were uneven, but they’re pretty symmetrical]. Is it a fiasco? Or is that a car?
H: That’s a Fiat.
C: *Stares for a while*
H: A Fiesta?
C: A Fiesta! *Holds up six fingers* eh?
H: You need to use your words, I can’t write that down.
C: I just wanted to see you try. Six?

H: If I was to collect something, what would I collect?
C: Collect something? Like, go to the shop?
H: No, collect as in collecting Pokemon cards.
C: Oh, not click and collect. Um, books, DVDs, boxsets? Makeup?

H: What’s my favourite sandwich?
C: Never really thought about your favourite one. Let’s start with the bread. You’ll want nice bread. Tiger bread or a cheese-topped baguette. Spread… cheese spread. That’s you all over. Filling… depends how you feel. Could be chorizo, could be cheese and pickle. You haven’t had that in ages. I used to make it for you and cringe at the pickle.

H: If I had to eat something every day, what would I choose?
C: There’s a lot of variables. I think the most logical thing you could go for would be something small, like a small bit of chocolate. Because you might not want it every day but if you went for pizza every day that’s your whole dinner, you know? So you should go for a small bit of chocolate. Whether you would or not… you like savoury.

H: What’s my favourite cereal?
C: Dunno. Rice Krispies? You used to have those a lot. Gotta have a bit of sugar with it though. But you have mentioned Wheat Bisks. Porridge doesn’t count, right?
H: I dunno, you have it as a cereal replacement I guess?
C: But you have it as a breakfast meal and you can also have a full English for breakfast and you don’t count that as cereal.

H: What’s my favourite sports team?
C: *Thinks for a solid minute*. What are you writing, I didn’t say anything!
H: I’m writing that you’re thinking.
C: Oh. We don’t like sports and we don’t care who knows! We’ve never really done sports have we? Um, I think I’m just looking for an answer when there isn’t really one, or maybe I’m overlooking one! If you have to pick one, you’d probably go for some sort of F1 team. U dunno. Never really thought about it.
H: I wish I knew shorthand, my hand is cramping.
C: Sorry. *Thinks for another minute* Slytherin Quidditch team. I dunno.

H: What’s my favourite music?
C: Me singing when I’m doing the cooking. You love my singing.
H: I don’t know whether I’d call that music.
C: I dunno, you like a variety of stuff. Chart songs, old school stuff, and you like those remixes that the guy des on the YouTubes. All the songs mixed into one. [Side note: He means Pop Danthology]. 

H: What colour are my eyes?
C: Blue. Spelt B L O O. Bloo.
H: Why spelt like that?
C: Because I once had to spell the word blue with four letters. Like purple would be…
H: P R P L. Prpl.
C: Yeah, I had to do that with blue and I spelt it B L O O. Also it’s a type of bleach, I think. Or used to be. It was fluorescent. Imagine glow-in-the-dark bleach! If you don’t want to pull the light when you got up for a pee you’d know where to aim. Not bad.

H: Who’s my best friend?
C: Me!

H: What do you do that I would want you to stop doing?
C: *Thinks for bloody ages* a difficult one. There’s not a whole lot wrong with what I do. It’s hard to believe you would want to change anything. Er, I turn into a radiator at night. I play too many games. I nag you about cleaning. I fall asleep easily. That’s probably it.

H: Where was I born?
C: D’aaaan s’aaath. In a hospital.
H: Do you know which hospital?
C: Southampton. Brighton. West Sussex.
H: That’s the county.
C: Yeah, you know. the one that’s their, erm… I dunno.

H: You’re baking a cake for my birthday – what kind of cake is it?
C: A big one. Lots of icing. Not chocolate cake.

H: What sports did/do I do?
C: Um, your main thing was swimming from what I understand because you loved your swimming and wanted to be a mermaid. Not… yeah. Swimming. I’m sure there’s more. Like, you do a bit of tennis or something. I can’t remember what it was though.

H: What can I spend hours doing?
C: Spending time with me. Doing makeup. YouTube, Sims, bullet journaling, blogging. You know, the usuals.

H: What’s a unique talent I have?
C: You’ve got funky toes. I’ve never seen anyone do it before. I’ve actually still never seen it because I feel like it would gross me out when you dislocate them or whatever.
H: Are you finished?
C: I’m just trying to work out whether does are talent.



H: How do you think you did?
C: Yeah, I did alright. Why not? *Long pause* just thinking with the talent… if you don’t class it as a talent as it’s more something you’re born with… um, what else? You’re quite talented at putting up with my shenanigans for hours on end and only getting slightly annoyed. *Makes weird noise with his mouth and waits for me to write it down* I’d like to end with some advice for your fellow bloggers and audience.
H: Okay. You going to tell me what it is?
C: I mean, I’d LIKE to give them advice but I can’t think of any to give. Er, don’t eat yellow snow. Fin.



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  1. […] This post was a really fun one to do and this one was written by my husband as a ‘reversed’ version. You’ll have to read them to find out what I mean… Also, I really enjoyed writing this one as I love The Sims! This month sees the start of a Let’s Play on my YouTube channel so make sure you’re subbed if you want to see that. […]


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