youtubers: the ones i watch

I watch a LOT of YouTube. A LOT. I’m talking multiple videos every single day, both alone and with my husband. I also ‘do’ YouTube myself (click here to check out my channel) so I say that some of it counts as research, but here are some of my favourites that I watch every day!

I love watching gamers on YT, even if it’s not a game I have or would want to play. I prefer the ones who are comedic and don’t take themselves or the game too seriously as it’s more fun that way.

simsupp.PNGSimSupply/Flabaliki – arguably my favourite YouTuber OF ALL TIME, James Turner was my first subscription and I have been with him since (almost) the very beginning. He’s now amassed over 645,000 subs on his three channels. The Sim Supply focuses on The Sims (duh) with Flabaliki doing a wider variety of games, such as Cities: Skylines, Planet Coaster and Prison Architect.

deli.PNGDeligracy – I actually discovered this Deli via The Sim Supply. She focuses on The Sims as well and is an amazing builder. Her Let’s Plays are always full of drama and are super addicting. Deli and James are also the only two people I follow on Twitch, too! Occasionally they’ll do videos together and they have a great sibling-esque relationship that’s hilarious to listen to. She has 350k subs.

outsidexbox.PNGOutside Xbox – these guys are hilarious. They seem to know everything there is to know about games and create really funny and informative list-type videos as well as some gameplay vids. Me and Chris watch these on his account as it was him who introduced me to them, but I’ve grown to love them as much as he does. They deserve their 1.8million subs!

Watching Beauty Gurus on YT influenced my decision to start learning how to apply makeup properly and also influences my own YouTube videos. Again, those who don’t take themselves too seriously and are relatable are my favourites.

nikkie.PNGNikkieTutorials – the queen of highlight, this phenomenal makeup artist is my idol. Her makeup is always flawless and she’s so funny as well. She’s recently created her own makeup collection which is amazing – I only wish I could afford it – and has over 5.1million subscribers. She’s from the Netherlands, but has a perfect American accent!

holo eeyorn.PNGSimplyNailogical – Cristine (not Christine!) is HILARIOUS. She’s the type of person you wish was your best friend. Not afraid to speak her mind, the Canadian has 2.6million subscribers and yet only started YouTubing two years ago.  I don’t even do my nails; I watch for the hilarity, because she’s absolutely hilarious. Seriously. Watch her.

graveayrd girl.PNGGrav3yardGirl – Bunny started off with documenting ~spooky happenings~ after a car accident left her unable to continue with fashion design. A few years and 7.6m subscribers later and she’s become one of the most relatable faces on the internet with her product testing videos remaining the firm favourites. She now has her own makeup palette!

The two vloggers I’m mentioning are, along with James Turner, the reason I found YouTube in the first place. I’m a bit old for them now, but they still remain in my heart and in my subscriptions list.

danisnotonfire.PNGdanisnotonfire – awkward Dan is definitely the British king of YouTube, with enough adoring subscribers (6million) to rival the 1D fangirls. Proving that nerdy guys do become the richest, Dan has now got a book, a worldwide tour and a weekly radio show under his belt, which he accomplished alongside his best friend and flatmate…

amazingphil.PNGAmazingPhil – Dan and Phil are basically the internet’s version of Ant & Dec. Phil has less subs than Dan (3.7million. Still very impressive) but they are definitely a team. They even have a joint channel, DanAndPhilGAMES, which I also love and watch more than the two guys individually tbh. Phil was Dan’s ‘mentor’ when he first started YouTubing and they eventually became BFFs.

Everyone loves a LOL. These channels are those I watch with the hubster with dinner or in the evening for a laugh and stuff.

cyanide.PNGExplosmEntertainment – the creators of Cyanide & Happiness comics have a great channel with the C&H shorts that everyone loves so much. The vids are great for a quick laugh, or if you prefer a longer one, you can watch the Cyanide & Happiness Show, which is HILARIOUS.

Screen Junkies – I only watch the Honest Trailers from these guys screenjunk.PNGbut they’re worth a mention as they are so, so, so great to watch. You’ll find yourself totally agreeing with everything they say. They were even nominated for an Emmy! There are also Honest Game Trailers which are made by Smosh Games but feature the same voiceover guy.

CinemaSins – This guy gives sins to movies. That’s literally it. It sinsinsisn.PNGmay sound dull but it’s actually such a great idea and it is so funny to watch. Sometimes you’ll get annoyed with a sin that you think shouldn’t be a sin but that’s the idea! They just want films to be good, as we all do. Way to go, CinemaSins. There are other ‘sins’ channels but the original is the best.

Bad Lip Reading – These guys rarely post, but when they do it’s blr.PNGcomedy gold. Seriously, you’ll be wetting yourself at some of them and singing along to the songs. My personal favourites are the NFL bad lip readings and the Star Wars ones, especially the Bushes of Love song. All they do is lip read people from movies, music videos, tv shows and events and the results are brilliant.

I always try and support small YouTubers because I am one and I love to see channels flourish and grow. Here are a couple of them.

aurenamri.PNGLauren Marie – Lauren is actually a school friend and only started on YouTube this year (just before I did, in fact) but her videos are always great. She’s really down-to-earth and nice and you’ll settle into her channel so easily. She mostly does beauty videos but also does general lifestyle vids, vlogs and hauls.

happyhollife – Oh! How did this one get on there? Well, happyhollifeytchn.PNGhappyhollife is the YouTube channel that accompanies She’s only done a few videos, but she has SO many ideas! She uploads twice a week and one of those videos will also be a blog post too, so you can read and/or watch, depending on what you prefer! Expect to see beauty, vlogs, lifestyle, hauls, family stuff, gaming and whatever else I – er, I mean she – can think of. It would literally mean the world to her if you subscribed as she has some awesome plans and has even bought a proper filming set-up with a tripod and lighting so she can make some quality content for you guys.

Hope you enjoyed the post; something a little different as well as a shameless plug (no change there)! Let me know YOUR fave YouTubers in the comments below ❤





2 thoughts on “youtubers: the ones i watch

  1. Thanks for the recommendations. I just subscribed to The Sim Supply. If you like comedic makeup tutorials, I don’t know if you’ve every watched either Mykie at Glam & Gore or Laura Lee? They’re both pretty good, and funny too


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