fancy a few extra quid for 20 mins work?

Hi guys! Just a quick post for those of you who want a couple of extra quid in the bank this month. Ever fancied being a voice actor for 30 minutes (and get paid for it?)

I did, so I recommend this! You record your voice just using your computer or laptop and earn $10 (about £7.70) for less than 30 minutes work.  It’s easy and actually surprisingly fun.

It’s that simple. You just need to be a British English native speaker and repeat some super easy sentences, words or numbers that are on the screen!

Just CLICK this link to find out more. I promise it’s all very legitimate and safe – I would never advertise anything scammy or virusy, I promise. Message me if you have any concerns:

 >>>> <<<<

Top tip:
Before starting your recording session set up a PayPal account here. The company will send you the money via Paypal once you’ve finished.

[This job opportunity is offered by Talking 2 Rabbit S.a.r.l. Luxembourg – a tech start-up company active in the field of Voice Recognition Technology. T2R is working on multilingual speech recogniser to help blind people. Your voice samples will remain anonymous – they will only be used for scientific research and will never be heard by any third party in any form. This is an affiliate link so if you sign up and complete a session, I’ll receive a tiny bit of money but you still get your complete $10!]

Have fun!



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