what needs to be added to the Sims 4?

The Sims is my favourite games franchise; I’ve been playing it since I was six or seven years old. Sims 4 is an amazing addition to the series and so many things are improved and better ‘done’ than previous versions of the game but there are a few things that are missing from the game that could drastically improve it.

  1. terrain editing – even the first Sims game had terrain editing. You can’t even make PONDS. Come on, EA. We know that Sims can walk up hills as evidenced in the slopes in the world, so why can’t we make our lots a little less flat?!
  2. toddlers – your babies (see below for my thoughts on babies…) grow into a child from a little potato in just a few days. That’s a huge leap and lots of growing in a short space of time!
  3. proper babies – the Sims 4 babies are just objects. You can’t even take them away from their bassinets! Babies have never been great but they have so much potential…
  4. retail lots on home lots – if your sim wants to have a restaurant or shop, they have to have two lots, which makes it so much more annoying. It’s easier to sleep and live on your retail lot when starting out but you can’t get rid of your home lot. Ugh.
  5. fewer loading screens – I actually appreciate the lack of an open world and loading screens as there is 0.00001% of the lag compared to Sims 3 but I wish that when you were in a part of the world you didn’t need a loading screen for each house in that area. I can see right into their house, goddamnit!
  6. pets & seasons – I’ve grouped these together as they are both the most asked-for expansions. Personally I’m not fussed either way but it makes sense to
  7. apartments – I AM SO DESPERATE FOR APARTMENT BUILDINGS IT’S UNREAL. [edit: they are releasing an EP with apartments in called City Life in November]
  8. various decor – little bits like more fashion-themed shop items and more plainer pieces that you can make into anything if you’re creative. There just doesn’t seem enough.
  9. beds & dressers & sofas & counters – the struggle is real. They’re all ugly.
  10. colourwheel/more patterns – some of the patterns and colours are really ugly on what would be great items, I wish you could choose patterns and colours separately or even have a Sims 2-esque system where you choose a base colour and accent pattern/colour.
  11. world creator and editor – I want to make pretty worlds and change bits and pieces around the current ones. But NOPE. I can’t do that.
  12. constrain floor elevation – basically, the best cheat in the world after motherlode and move objects on. Mostly I just want to make lots of split leveling!
  13. pre-teens – as teens are the same height and are 99% identical to young adults, the game could benefit from the awkward pre-teen or tween stage. The gaps from baby to child to teen to YA are just a little jumpy, IMO.
  14. cars & bikes – cars are pretty redundant because you basically teleport everywhere but decorative cars which you can click to ‘travel’ would be more realistic, especially since you see cars driving past your lots. Bikes could used instead of walking around the world, as well.
  15. various NPCs and lot types – burglars and police (although we do have a police career now, you don’t see them in action unless you ARE a police officer!), cemeteries, cinemas, grocery stores, repomen, social bunny, etc.

There are more things I and others want, like sliders in CAS or playable schools (I know there are mods but they mess up my game) but the 15 points above are the things I think should be added next. Whether they will get added or not is a different story…

Hope you enjoyed the list. If you have anything to add, let me know in the comments! Also, next month I’ll be starting a Sims 4 Let’s Play series on YouTube so make sure you’re subscribed to my channel if you enjoy the game!



10 thoughts on “what needs to be added to the Sims 4?

  1. I’ve been playing Sims since The Sims came out to PS2. I’ve been fan of the game for 13-15 years now.

    I love Sims! I can play for hours and hours. With Sims 4, I can play for 10 to 15 minutes, then I am done. I turn the game off. Sims 4 is lacking so much, if you want more stuff.. Well that more money.


    • I’m hoping they start listening to the gamers more now – they definitely did to some extent with City Life – I know lots of people wanted apartments since the beginning but I do agree that they’re coming across a little money-hungry!

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  2. I agree with absolutely all of these. I got Sims 4 the day it came out, but I’ve played it the grand total of 3 times, and not in the last 3 years. The things you listed are the very reason for this. I don’t think that an updated version of a game should lose the things that came as standard in a previous version. For me, who loves family dynasty type game play, toddlers were a huge part of my strategy. (Get on that xylophone you little musical prodigy)

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  3. 100% agree with you on everything you have just mentioned! I’ve played sims from the beginning and have major phrases, where I’ll play sims for like 5/7 hours a day, because I get too attached but I haven’t seen me do that with sims 4. Don’t get me wrong I love it, but there is so much that they could improve on! ESPECIALLY ADDING TODDLERS!! they were my favourite age group in 2 and 3 and I think half the reason i don’t play it as much now is of the loss of toddlers 😦

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    • there was rumours about toddler addition in the next EP after City Life because of the mesh they found in-game, but the Sims 4 gurus said that it was just for a particular in-game photograph (a guru and his family I think). Who knows, they could be lying and there will be toddlers soonish…

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