youtube video FAIL

UGH. Sometimes things just don’t go your way, amirite????

So, yesterday I filmed about 60 minutes of footage for today’s YouTube video and blog post. I was really proud of it!

But I inserted my memory card into the computer and it AUTOMATICALLY FORMATTED IT. Yep, it deleted all of my footage. I was so angry! It even deleted the photos I had taken for the blog! Sooooooo annoying.

I tried again, but it just didn’t feel right when I came to edit it, so I decided to film something completely different (subscribe to me on YT to find out what I filmed instead!). The thing is, it was getting dark so I had to use my lights, which made it look really yellow-y and the saturation is a bit off (the latter is YouTube’s fault, not mine).

I managed to find two photos of the look I did on my google drive, so at least I can show you what I PLANNED on doing, right?!

Basically the challenge idea I had was to attempt to recreate editorial makeup – that is, makeup used in magazines for an editorial piece. I found one I wanted to do:

Editorial_Makeup004.jpgI thought the model had a similar face-shape to me and I wear a purple smokey eye quite a lot (not to this extent, though…) so it was fun trying to get similar to this.

This is how it went:


I think I did pretty well! My makeup isn’t EXACTLY the same colours but I did pretty okayishΒ Β and it’s so annoying that I can’t show you how I did it!

I will repeat the challenge at some other point and I have a couple of other challenges that I might try in the future.

But that’s it for today’s post – it was just a mini-post to explain why it’s been a bit of a fail today but I hope you enjoyed it anyway!



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