monthly catch-up

I feel like we rarely sit down and chat on the blog now I’m so busy, so that’s why I like writing these monthly reviews! Grab a cuppa and settle in.

0006640_motorola-moto-g4-xt1622-16gb-dual-sim-white.jpegAfter a month of waiting, my new phone finally arrived on the 24th. I first ordered it from Carphone Warehouse (after my old one got stolen from my handbag) with next-day delivery but then they realised they were actually out of stock! They kept telling me that the phone would be delivered in the next few days, but in the end they gave me the 15th October as the ETA so I cancelled and ordered from Amazon – which was £37 more expensive – and got the phone within 36 hours. Carphone Warehouse refunded me pretty quickly but I wanted compensation, so they’re sending me £30 via cheque “which could take up to 28 days”. Ugh. Having a new phone means I can film better YouTube videos and take better pictures for the blog so hopefully there will be some good content coming your way soon! The haul video was filmed with my new camera so check it out if you want to have a look.


I started selling my old clothes the other day, which were just sitting on top of my wardrobe for weeks. So far I’ve only sold a few tops and made £20 but I’m going to put them on Shpock or DePop and try and get rid of them all because they’re messing up my room. When I do, I’ll link you, just in case anyone wants to shop my old wardrobe!

I had another ultrasound scan last week! I’ve had so many scans, but since I’m possibly having surgery to remove my gallbladder soon, they needed to do another one to make sure my gallbladder is actually the issue (it is. I’ve literally had 6 scans to do exactly the same thing). It’s not scary or anything, all they do is rub jelly on you and poke you around a bit with a scanner thing and maybe ask you to hold your breath for a couple of seconds. They do press quite hard, though. 😦

We bought Sebastian a new vivarium at the beginning of the month. It’s been sitting in the living room for ages because the stand we ordered for it is taking bloody ages to arrive, but I’m really excited (and a little nervous) for him to start using it. We’re going to have a Jurassic Park theme – so lots of plants, toy dinosaurs and a BIG SIGN.

Yesterday we went to Primark and I got a few goodies – you’ll have to wait until October’s haul to see what I got – and I was quite disappointed that I couldn’t find anything I wanted! Everyone had taken all the good bits already, as we went on a Friday afternoon. Damn those part-timers.

Um, that’s about it, actually. There’s less than I thought. September went by really quickly; I feel like it’s been too quick to actually do anything noticeable. Does anyone feel the same? Or is it just me? Anyway, let me know how your Septembers went ❤


3 thoughts on “monthly catch-up

  1. Oh gosh doesn’t sound like you had the best of months but I’m glad your phone came. I was in the same boat as you with my phone, but it came in the end!! Woohoo!! Sorry to hear you might be having an op *hugs* hope your October is a bit more fun! Can’t wait to see what you bought from primark! Xx

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