yurily contour kit review

I bought this highlight and contour duo a couple of weeks ago; it cost me £2.75 from amazon and I’ve been using it a lot! Read on to see what I think of it.

I have never actually heard of Yurily as a brand,  but I did some research before I started writing this post and found out that they are a UK wholesale distributor of cosmetics that other companies can put their brand on (I think some of W7’s products are from them, just with a different name on it). Everything is pretty cheap. A lot of companies do this – the Morphe dupes all over eBay are actual Morphe palettes with no logos! Keep an eye out for my review of the 35O dupe…


The packaging is simple and doesn’t have a mirror, but that isn’t an issue for me because so many other products have mirrors – I don’t need that many! It feels pretty sturdy and clips shut. On the back is the expiry date, the product colour (01 Light), the weight and all the ingredients. Each pan is 7g which is pretty good; a single Mac eyeshadow is 10g to give you an idea on how much that is.


The highlight doesn’t look like it would be any good but as soon as you put it on your skin it gives a beautiful subtle glow. It’s a lovely pink-gold translucent highlight that looks great on my skin and would probably suit a lot of skin tones. It blends out so easily and isn’t so in-your-face like many highlighters.

The contour actually quite dark for the lightest shade but I am paler than pale so everything is dark to me. It isn’t too warm so you won’t look orange or muddy and it isn’t ridiculously pigmented and impossible to blend. It does take some work to look good but if you have good brushes this won’t be a problem. I tend to tap my powder over the top of it to ‘tone it down’ a bit which works really well.

Here are the swatches on my hand next to each other:


And here are them on my face (bear in mind I didn’t blend it out very well to show you how it applies at first!):


I think, for £2.99, you’re not going to get a better contour and highlight. It’s so cheap and really damn good! You can see this duo in action on my October ‘Currently Loving’ video which goes up on the 12th October. Make sure you’re subscribed to my youtube channel (click here to sub)!

Let me know your favourite budget contours and highlighters and whether you’ve used this product yourself! ❤


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