how i’m feeling about (re)starting university

[Side note: For those of you who don’t know already, I started the Open University this month! This is my second go at uni (read about why I dropped out here or watch the vlog version here) and I’m doing English Language and Literature this time.]

Now the prep week of uni is over and the real work is starting, how do I feel?

It feels… weird. Really weird, to be in education again. It doesn’t quite feel right, though. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s a new thing, or whether it’s because it’s online, or because I haven’t really started yet, but yeah. Weird.

I joined a Facebook group for my module – The Arts Past and Present – and chatted in a couple of conversations on there. Most people are already like, two chapters ahead of me. But I’m sticking to the schedule because I usually create too much work for myself and get overwhelmed! Everyone’s really enthusiastic and I’m just there like ‘um, this module is so crap’ because it’s the compulsory module and not exactly what I want to be doing. I don’t even want to be doing Literature. I just want Language, but I didn’t have a choice, soooo…

The website is really not user-friendly. There’s so many different links and forums and it’s difficult to navigate, even though 90% of my time is spent navigating websites. A lot of people agreed with me when I mentioned it on Facebook. I mean, we’re paying the OU a lot of money and the least they could do is make sure the website isn’t a shitheap. Also, there’s been loads of technical issues that means we couldn’t access the forums for a whole day and it is still quite sporadic. Tutorial dates are late as well, meaning we have no idea when or where they’ll be and we might not be able to arrange our lives to attend them in time. The tutor has said they’ll be in the next week – that’s not very long to organise things!

I’m a little worried about making myself study rather than going to lectures because I feel like I can procrastinate better (or would that be worse?) than anyone else in the world and I’ll end up doing everything last-minute, even with a proper drawn-up schedule. As always, I plan the thing better than I actually do the thing.

I kinda feel like I’m missing out on the uni experience (I’ve said before, uni was the best time of my life) but I keep forgetting I’m a proper adult with a husband and a home and scale babies and I’m not 18 anymore! I don’t even like drinking and clubbing anymore… however, I didn’t like drinking and clubbing before uni the first time round, either.

I think maybe I’m just being nostalgic. Sometimes I wish I was back in first year in Cheltenham again so I could do things differently but I wouldn’t change how it all worked out – I wouldn’t want to miss meeting my husband!

Has anyone else done the Open Uni or is currently studying there? Let me know ❤


9 thoughts on “how i’m feeling about (re)starting university

  1. I also studies English -literature though- until I realized it wasn’t really what I wanted to do and changed my major to sociology 😛 there were some really interesting courses in English though as well as some really boring ones. I think taking online courses does need a little more discipline on your part but if you keep the end goal in mind and remind yourself why you’re doing it whenever you feel like slacking I think you should be ok 🙂 I wish you good luck 🙂

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  2. Good luck with the OU! I just finished my degree with them and it’s so rewarding. The self study aspect can be really daunting and there will be days where you just don’t want to work. But stick to the schedule and remember that even if you fall slightly behind, you can catch up! Hope it all goes well for you and enjoy it 😊


  3. I feel you..what matters in the end is the learning that we can get out of anything. As long as you are learning go for it, but if you feel that you are not growing and you are just wasting your energy there, maybe you should rethink. In the end, the decision is yours to make. All the best:)


    • Thank you 🙂 I’m hoping once the other modules get underway next year (more centred towards what I wanted to do) I will enjoy it a lot more :p I just love learning


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