my makeup collection & how i organise it

I don’t have a TONNE of makeup but I do have a fair bit (hello, 40 lipsticks) so I thought I’d share with you how I organise my collection! I keep it in my study as that’s where I film all my YouTube videos. One day I’ll have a proper dressing room setup but until then… it’ll do.


My brushes are in a flowerpot from Ikea and I feel like every single blogger/youtuber keeps their brushes in the same thing. But it is sooooo pretty. My brushes are from various places. Amazon, eBay, Real Techniques, W7, Royal and also a couple from China.


These bits don’t fit with the other stuff. The silicone brush cleaner needs a wash so ignore that. But my anti-aging moisturiser and my primer/day cream live here along with the nail varnish I wear on my toes. I generally keep my toes the same colour for weeks because, well, effort. I often keep my other skincare products here too, but at the moment they’re in the other room.


I keep all my makeup in 4 acrylic holders. The drawers and the top shelves were from eBay – all under a tenner each – and I love them. I wanted a huge one but they’re so expensive so I had to get two smaller sets which will do for now. Maybe I can get one for Christmas or something.

The second third drawer of one of the sets has eyeshadows, eye glitter and brow pencils/gel. I’ve actually been using mascara primer as a brow gel and honestly it’s AMAZING. I might make a mini post on it, mabes.

The first drawer has lipsticks and glosses in that didn’t fit in the top. The top has all my lippies, lip pencils, setting spray, powder, a foundation, contour kits and a bronzer. Basically everything that didn’t fit in the drawers.


In the other set of drawers I have my foundation, powder, concealers and primers. I have two other foundations but there’s no room so they’re on the top along with another powder.


I didn’t realise I had this many blushes, but yep. I do. I actually use the Nyx powder blush as contour so it shouldn’t really be in this drawer but the packaging is litereally identical to the George blush so I’m thinking maybe they’re made in the same factory?????


This is the messiest drawer. All my eyeliner and mascaras are in here. Honestly, this drawer needs a decent unclutter (mostly because I never use eyeliner) and it’s a struggle to close it sometimes.


If you’ve got keen eyes, you’ll see that the contour and bronzer have magically appeared in this picture. That’s because I decided to reorganise the tops halfway through taking the pictures. I’m an idiot, but all you’re missing out on is another highlighter and an illuminator. More foundation, setting powder and the best highlighter ever by Revolution. I also have all of my ‘etc’ things – eyelash primer, lipcote, eyelash glue, eye ‘glue’, sharpener, tweezers, curler, mattifying lip thing and some sponges (and beauty blender). I definitely need a new beauty blender, I clean it each time but it just stays stained now. RIP.


Lastly are the palettes. I love eyeshadow palettes (if you want to get me a birthday present…) and cannot get enough. I stack them because where else do you put them??? Someone tell me???

Anyway, that’s my makeup collection. I hope you enjoyed seeing how I organise it; leave me comments because I’m lonely and I love you ❤

17 thoughts on “my makeup collection & how i organise it

  1. I stack my palettes too! I never know what to do with them because their all different sizes and thickness! I organize my collection in just one big drawer all separated by type in little boxes, but its not very efficient! I need some of those drawers you have!


    • I saw someone keep their palettes in one of those file box things that you keep paper in, I might get one of those, make it look pretty and keep my palettes in there… If i do find a solution I’ll blog about it anyway :p


  2. You have a great collection. Your system is certainly better than mine which pretty much consists of tossing things into various makeup bags. Of course, I forget which makeup bag has what in it and I end up dumping everything into a drawer. 🙂


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