i bloody love coffee

I have an addiction. It’s coffee.


My addiction started in university. I was falling asleep in 9am lectures and had to resort to caffeine to fuel me. I didn’t like coffee at the time but I forced myself to drink a latte, sweetening it with vanilla syrup every time. It was probably the syrup that made me keep coming back, butย after a few days I couldn’t go a day without one. When I lived on campus we had a Starbucks in our canteen which was a BAD IDEA but also the best thing that I’ve ever heard of in the whole world ever.

In my second year of uni I’d walk down to the town centre to get a Starbucks (as I was in a house rather than halls) or get Chris to buy me a Costa in Tesco (yeah, they had a Costa INSIDE Tesco. It was weird).


When we moved back to Stoke, I was so happy because we live a five minute drive from a 24 HOUR DRIVE-THRU STARBUCKS. Honestly, it’s the ONLY reason why I wouldn’t want to move from here. I don’t even like the house or the area much but we’re so close to Starbucks at any time of the day or night. It’s perfect.

When we got Hazel, I agreed to give up Starbucks for a year. We were spending quite a lot of money on it so I was only allowed it on road trips or if someone else bought the drinks. Buuuuut I’m stubborn and Chris is a pushover so we compromised. I can have Starbucks if I pay for it myself or if Chris is having a drink as well. He doesn’t have coffee (anywhere other than at work) very often but sometimes he’ll have a latte or cappuccino with me. I’ve definitely turned him into a coffee drinker; before me he never drunk it at all.


I drink Caramel Cappuccinos from Costa, Caramel Macchiatos from Starbucks, Carte Noir Latte Macchiatos (occasionally with caramel) in our Tassimo coffee machine and Nescafe Azera Instant Coffee with milk and 1.5 sugars at home. I like my coffee sweet. Yes, I still have all of my teeth. I generally have one Costa, one Starbucks, one instant and 5 machine coffees in the week.

I know that people generally have more than one cup a day (of instant), but it’s not good enough. I think about Starbucks coffee all the time. I want it every single day. It makes me so happy. No other coffee can compare.

That was a weird post. Like, really weird. I’m going to stop writing this and go and make a coffee and calm down. See you later!


22 thoughts on “i bloody love coffee

  1. Haha I thought I was the only one! I love coffee and Starbucks. I can’t get enough of them like no. I tried it one time and I was a mess I lasted a week. But here is the funny thing. I have chronic fatigue so coffee doesn’t help but I live for the taste lol. Coffee makes me happy. Like my boyfriend will be like you have had Starbucks twinge today I’m like oh really? what’s your point? Lol. Love COFFEE ITS LIFE!!!!


  2. I love coffee too, but I have to limit myself because it makes me very jittery. I usually only drink coffee on the weekends, but when the weather turns cooler, I’ll probably sneak in an extra cup here and there.


  3. I empathize with your love of coffee. I have my regular routine of morning and afternoon doses, with occasional rounds at social stuff at church or even at night with a piece of something sweet. It truly gives that endorphin “feel good” feeling. Not a silly post at all. There are a lot of us coffee addicts out there.

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