cheap date night ideas

Times are hard and dates can get pretty pricey. So, instead of going out for a steak dinner, why not try some from the list below?

  1. bake a cake, brownies, or cookies together
  2. go for a picnic
  3. go for a walk somewhere pretty
  4. go to a museum or art gallery (many have free entry, google your local museums!)
  5. search groupon, living social or wowcher for offers in your area – you can get some great bargains on things like cream tea for two, overnight stays, bowling (and more)
  6. go on a road trip
  7. get crafty – make each other a homemade gift
  8. watch a movie at home with popcorn and hot chocolate
  9. have a duvet day with Netflix (and maybe some chilling)
  10. go for lunch (lunch dates are so much cheaper than dinner!)
  11. do some gardening – you could plant a tree together!
  12. have a board game and wine night
  13. play two-player on your favourite video games (vintage games are so fun to play together)
  14. challenge each other – start a scoreboard (e.g. fluffy bunny, do each other’s makeup?)
  15. get drunk on cheap booze from Tesco and play drinking games together
  16. make your own pizzas
  17. go on a boat trip if you live near a lake, river or seaside
  18. go to an indie gig, comedy night or improv show (tickets tend to be cheaper last-minute, waaaaaay in advance or if it’s an unknown act)
  19. take a class – again, look at voucher sites for money off classes like cooking, DJ, dancing or educational classes
  20. browse a bookshop or library
  21. work out together
  22. visit a fairground
  23. go to a nightclub – if you predrink you won’t need to buy many drinks and if you head in early the entrance fee should be minimal!
  24. visit a city, town or village you’ve never been to before
  25. do a bucket list item
  26. go on a wine-tasting or brewery tour
  27. go stargazing
  28. go to the beach
  29. get in the car and flip a coin every time you get to a junction to decide whether to go left or right. See where you end up!
  30. disconnect the wifi, turn your phones off and have a conversation
  31. go to a market or carboot sale
  32. go for a bike ride (you could even rent a tandem)
  33. go to a petshop and look at cute animals
  34. go strawberry picking
  35. build a fort in your bedroom or living room and have a slumber party for two
  36. have a campfire in your back garden and toast marshmallows
  37. have a colouring-in session (with adult colouring books ofc)
  38. design your dream home together (if you have The Sims, you could even build it)
  39. visit ikea (try not to buy anything…)
  40. start a youtube channel or blog together to document your life, relationship and whatever you want to blog/vlog about!
  41. go scrumping/foraging and cook a meal or dessert with whatever you find
  42. brew your own beer or wine
  43. go swimming
  44. go to a theme park, zoo or aquarium – keep an eye out for the 2 for 1 vouchers (they’re usually on cereal packets) and on Facebook selling sites
  45. do some art or a collage together for your wall
  46. upcycle an old item together
  47. make a scavenger hunt for each other
  48. make homemade lotions, bath bombs or candles and test them out (or sell them/give them as gifts)
  49. have a paper game tournament – hangman, dots and squares, pictionary, etc.
  50. go to a matinee at the cinema or theatre (these tickets are usually cheaper on weekdays)

Thank you to my husband for giving me some ideas (like the fort, petshop and strawberry picking ones). Happy dating!


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