how i plan my blog & youtube posts

I’m a really organised person in terms of time management and planning so I thought this might be a useful post for those who want to get more organised with their blog or youtube channel as I’m going to share with you how I plan and schedule everything!

What I do first is get a spare page in any notebook or piece of paper and write down everything I want or need to post in the month (I usually plan 2 months ahead but you could do this a few days before the end of the month). I have certain things that I post each month, such as a monthly haul or a life update so I write those first so I don’t forget. I used to have a schedule of what type of post goes up on certain days so if you do something similar be sure to keep that in mind. I have a list of blog post and youtube video ideas at the back of my bullet journal. It’s the most useful thing ever and I recommend keeping a list like it (whether it’s in your journal, in a notebook, on your phone, etc) to every blogger and youtuber. Keep an eye out for current events and trending topics for more ideas.

After that, I write a new schedule in my blog book like the picture below. I find it the best layout for me but you could do a calendar or something. I separate it into two columns – Youtube and Blog – and I put in the posts that have to go up on certain days first. Then I go through and add any other posts I thought of until it’s full! Any of these posts, besides the ones that I do every month, can be postponed if something exciting happens and I want to blog/vlog about it there and then.


Next I have to create a schedule for when I’m actually writing or videoing these posts. I call it my ‘edit schedule’ for ease. I always write and film at least a few days in advance unless it’s for events like Halloween or my birthday. Look at your normal schedule for the week (like work, school, appointments) and fit your edit schedule around it. Remember to leave time for editing your videos (I forgot about this at first…)! I tend to get a video and a blog post done on one day, or three blog posts. Every so often I’ll have a late night and get ahead on my schedule which means I have some ‘buffer’ in case something happens and I get behind further on in the week.

I make this schedule on a calendar that I have sitting next to me when I’m at my computer so I can look at my plan for the day really easily. I used to have a post schedule calendar as well but I write that information into my dailies in my bullet journal now.


In my bullet journal I have a page dedicated to my blog and youtube schedule. I have three columns – the edit schedule for the blog and youtube posts (just like in the blog book) and one for what is posting each day.


Back to my blog book. Once the schedule is sorted, I can worry about content! I like to come up with title and header ideas and the intro to each blog post. If I’m doing a video with a list, or a haul, or so on, I write down notes for that as well so I don’t forget anything, but generally I just focus on the blog posts.


My blog posts go up every single day at 5pm and my youtube videos go up at 4pm (in November they will be going up every Tues, Thurs and Sat) so I know when to check my phone for the ‘posted’ notification and then share the post on social media. I get most of my views from Facebook, but also a lot from wordpress/youtube itself, people googling me (wow!) and from Twitter.

So that’s how I schedule and plan everything! I think a notebook dedicated to your blog or youtube channel is the best thing you could do for yourself in terms of planning. It’s my lifesaver! Let me know how you plan your blogs ❤

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