creating a capsule wardrobe

I always start the season off with good intentions, planning to reduce my wardrobe to a capsule size and live a simpler life. But then I go to Primark and it all goes tits up. I have a quadruple wardrobe now. But my intentions are solid.

I think the key thing to remember here is: do as I say, not as I do.

Firstly, you need to get rid of everything you don’t wear, don’t like, only wear once a year, stuff that doesn’t fit, doesn’t suit you or is old and tattered. I like to have a good clear-out once a year and sell as much as possible and donate to charity anything that no one wants (lol, soz charity shop). With the money I make I usually buy anything that needs replacing in my ‘go-to’ outfit range.

Next, you need to put your summer items in storage – all your crop tops, sundresses and anything you won’t wear in the autumn (if you’re reading this in autumn, store all of your cozy jumpers instead). Keep a log of everything you’ve tucked away, as this will make it easier when you plan NEXT season’s capsule.

(I divide my seasons into autumn/winter and spring/summer but depending on how big the temperature gap is between them, you could do a capsule wardrobe for each season. As it’s autumn now, we’ll be focusing on an autumn/winter wardrobe).


When you’re left with all of your winter wear (that you actually wear) you need to decide how many items you want in your capsule wardrobe. I think the ‘normal’ number is 20, but it’s up to you. Of course, it would defeat the object if you chose 50… so you’ll need to get rid of some more (probably). Take out anything you don’t think you’ll want to wear a lot and anything that isn’t versatile.

Start to visualise or even note down some outfits that you love. Make sure every outfit you think of is loved and you know you’ll wear it. Make the most of layering and using pieces in different ways – e.g. a checked shirt could be worn as a jacket, tied around the waist, worn buttoned up on its own or underneath a jumper… the possibilities are endless. Also think about different temperatures. Some days it’ll be warmer or cooler than others and you might not want a giant jumper every day!


Personally, my recommendations for a 20-item autumn/winter wardrobe (for the UK) would be:

  1. black jeans
  2. blue jeans
  3. white tee
  4. black tee
  5. check shirt
  6. warm jumper
  7. fashionable jumper
  8. collared shirt
  9. warm winter coat
  10. thinner coat (e.g. leather jacket)
  11. heeled boots
  12. flat boots
  13. cozy cardigan
  14. thinner cardigan
  15. fashionable skirt
  16. formal/going out top
  17. formal/going out top
  18. top of your choice
  19. top of your choice
  20. top of your choice
  21. leggings
  22. formal/going out dress or jumpsuit
  23. dress of your choice
  24. dress of your choice
  25. comfy flats

Of course, we all have different tastes and I haven’t included things like scarves, tights, cami tops (for extra warmth) belts, trackies, hoodies, etc. You might want more jeans and no dresses, or some shorts instead of a skirt. Make sure it works for you!

If you’re satisfied, you’re done! If you’re not, swap things in and out and see what you’re happy with. If you feel like you haven’t got enough outfits, write down all the outfits you can think of and see how many you have. When I did this, I got over 200 outfits which meant I could wear a new outfit each day and have leftovers.

capsule wardrobe.jpeg

I hope you enjoy this post and it helped somewhat. Let me know if you have a capsule wardrobe or if you’re going to try it out! ❤


9 thoughts on “creating a capsule wardrobe

  1. I totally understand the feeling of capsule wardrobes flubbering out after a little while due to impulse buys. I’ve found myself doing it over and over and over again. A trick I’ve tried for success is to give myself a limited amount of hangers, thick expensive beautiful velvet covered hangers, and only having enough for my wardrobe. If I want something new then something old has to go… And with that kind of mentality the only new additions are things I absolutely love and will work with the rest of my wardrobe.


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