planning my days in my bullet journal

This post is also available in video format on my youtube channel, so make sure you go and check it out!

I wanted to show you how I do the weekly and daily spreads in my bullet journal; I feel like they get overlooked in favour of the collections and trackers, but daily pages are the whole point of bullet journaling! I’ll be going over how I used to do my dailies/weeklies and how I do them now.

In my first journal (watch the flip-through) I developed how I did my weekly and daily spreads pretty drastically as I was discovering new ways to do it and finding out what suited me. I recommend trying as many different styles as possible when you start bullet journaling so you know what 100% works for you.

I started off with just a double page spread for my week and separate trackers on different pages. This is my first ever weekly spread! I really didn’t have much to do each day, but this was before I started blogging and youtubing – I just had my instagram schedule to take care of!


I tried to mix up the layouts for variety (I still do). I started recording what I we were going to have for mealsย so I’d know what to prep or defrost. I also recorded the weather for a week, but honestly it doesn’t affect me whatsoever so I don’t feel the need to track it. I started tracking my weight on my dailies after a month or so as well.


Further on down the road I started being a little more free and just writing notes and thoughts and not using lines to divide the page. I liked this but I feel like it was more difficult to keep track of things.


The first time I did a separate weekly spread was in July. I did a half-page and tracked meals, things I needed to do that week and a mini tracker for the challenge I was doing, water, and instagram. I did half a page for each day so the week wasn’t all on one double page spread anymore.

After that first week I decided to make the weekly spread a dedicated page. I started tracking more and having goals, a to-do list, a meal/exercise plan and follower trackers. I was doing the daily pages with two or three days per page.


In August I had a chart for my instagram and blog on my weekly spread and some stats but it didn’t work out.


I also decided to do my dailies as one per page. I had my tasks like normal, with the tasks for social media in a little box on their own. I also included water trackers, a space for actual journaling, a challenge box and a review of the day.


After that, my weeklies and dailies stayed the same until the end of September, when I filled up my journal completely. I planned EXTENSIVELY about how to do my dailies and weeklies. (Oh, you might have noticed I have little dot stickers on each weekly spread. I used these as tabs to see the weeklies easier.


I decided to keep my weekly as one page, with my meal plan and follower count as I did before, ย but I thought I’d have a little bit of a diary-type thing, with my goals and tasks incorporated into it. It makes me happy to see it which is what you’re aiming for!


My dailies have gone back to a double page spread and I think it’s more useful! I do challenges in a separate spread and I still get to journal on my weeklies and track the things I need to track on other pages. This is the first week!


The second and third week I’ve gone less creative…


The last week of October I’ve actualy made into 9 days so that November starts on a Monday as I find it easier to visualise the week Monday-Sunday. You can watch me fill in this weekly spread on the youtube video I mentioned at the top. Please subscribe!


So, that’s how I do my dailies and weeklies! I hope I inspired you to try some new things in your bujo!


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