university study notes and schedule

I’m currently studying as a mature student at the Open University and thought I’d share with you guys how I study from home and how I keep track of everything!

The OU website has its own study planner on the module homepage, which you access from your ‘student home’ page. It’s actually pretty complicated to navigate around and has so many bugs which is a little irritating, but the one useful tool on there is the study planner.

Screenshot (18).png

It has a checklist of all the tasks I need to get done each week and it helps me plan my weeks and my schedule according to how much work I’ve got going on! I transfer the study schedule into my monthly pages in my bullet journal just in case I’m not near a phone or computer and I want to know what I should be studying.


As an OU student you get sent books, DVDs and you also have online tutorials and forums to have discussions in. You’re in charge of your own learning, so you have to be disciplined and set aside time to study. I’m fairly busy during the day, filming and writing blog posts (ahem) so I usually do my studying in the evening when Chris is playing xbox or we’re watching Netflix. If I need to watch something or do an online tutorial I take notes at my desk. Every few weeks we have an optional physical tutorial at a university, where I take my notebook and textbooks and make notes like in a normal lecture.


These are some of my notes. I have neat handwriting when I can be bothered to be neat! I write summaries of each topic and I do definitely write too much but it’s just how I remember things and learn so I’m not too fussed about it. I write assignments by hand and then transfer over. I find it easier to edit and adapt things if I write them by hand, but everyone is different and what works for me might not work for someone else!

That’s about it. Nothing fancy or beautiful, but it’s simple and works for me!


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