monthly catch-up | october

Another month has zoomed by and I feel like I’ve been up to quite a lot this month – yet when I come to write this post my mind goes blank and I have no idea what to write. Anyone the same? This post is also in video form on my youtube channel and I’ve also included the video at the bottom of the post because I love you.

I think first up we need to celebrate that I achieved all of my October follower goals halfway through the month! I set myself a goal of 700 instagram followers, 120 blog followers and 30 youtube subscribers at the beginning of the month. As I write this (18th October, I’m a bit early) I’m on 708 instagram followers, 182 blog followers and 64 youtube subscribers! Absolutely smashed it, so I’m aiming for 750/200/100 by the end of November now. If you’re reading this, please please please help me out and follow me on here, sub on youtube and follow on instagram. I’ll love you forever and definitely follow you back if I haven’t already. [UPDATE ON 27TH: I’m now on 121 subs! Woooo]

I created a newsletter via MailChimp! You’ve probably noticed the popup if you’ve visited the blog recently. The first one will get sent on the 1st November and will be sent every month from then on. You can find sneak previews of my future posts, a chance to get featured, my favourite posts and videos from the previous month and some personal updates from me. It’ll also be the first place that will hear about giveaways, competitions and other fun stuff like that so make sure you sign up! Just head to my blog homepage for the popup or find it on my facebook page (view it on a browser).

Screenshot (9).png

Sebastian has a new vivarium and is all set up in it. We want to get some more leaves and some more decoration for it to make it Jurassic Park themed but he’s happy in there so far! I’ve only had a few nightmares about him escaping…

I got my results back from last month’s ultrasound – well, ish. They didn’t actually tell me the results but they booked me in for a consultation with the surgeon. So I’m guessing I’ll be having surgery in a few weeks or months, depending on the waiting list!

Screenshot (17).png

It’s Halloween in a few days, so expect a couple of themed posts and youtube videos soon. I’m really excited this year; last year we didn’t do anything but we’re actually going to a party this year and me and Chris have a sort-of couple’s costume that I will of course share with you! It’s not scary, which is a bit of a cop-out but it’s still pretty awesome. For a hint, see the picture above…

It’s my birthday in just over a week so November will be more busy and exciting! I’m really looking forward to next month.

Let me know how your October’s have been! I love hearing from you guys and chatting in the comments!


3 thoughts on “monthly catch-up | october

  1. Congratulations on meeting and surpassing your goals. Such a great feeling of accomplishment when things go as planned. Time goes by so fast! I mean where did Octobre go. We are 9 Fridays away from Christmas!


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