last-minute halloween makeup looks

I’ve been there. You’ve got a halloween party coming up SOON and you’ve procrastinated too hard and haven’t got an outfit. All the shops are sold out of everything except Donald Trump masks (pretty scary stuff). What do you do?

No fear, Hollife is here! I bring you five easy last-minute halloween makeup/costume ideas, all done with things you most likely have lying around at home!

This is also in the format of a SPOOKY/hilariously OTT tutorial over on my youtube channel. Go and show me some love! The link is

Lady Gaga in ‘Judas’

This was my halloween costume in 2014! If you have blonde hair, this is super easy already. I used a blonde wig (and totally pulled it off). All you need to do is recreate the makeup look she sports here:


Get a bandana, wear your leather jacket over a black bra and pop on black shorts and knee-high boots with some fishnets and you’re done! Here’s how my attempt went. I changed it up a bit because of my eyelid shape:



This is influenced by the fact I just did an assignment about Cleopatra but for those of you with black hair you’re halfway there. Go crazy with the eyeliner and blue eyeshadow, shove on loads of gold jewellery and wear a toga/maxi dress (got any linens lying around?) and tada! You’re the last of the ptomolies. Here I am with my version:



Sexy witch

Want to be sexy, but they ran out of sexy crayon and sexy harambe costumes? Go for the classic halloween costume – the sexy witch. Purple and black eyeshadow and some cobwebs with a black dress (and I’m sure someone has a witches hat they don’t need) and you’re sorted. I don’t think I’m sexy, but I’m definitely a witch here:



I’ve seen a few of these tutorials floating around the internet this year, but all you need is some eyeliner and some bright lippy. Yellow wig optional! Here’s the way I did my look:


Creepy doll

Okay, an actual scary one for those of you who still think Halloween is for scaring people. Whack out that white eyeliner, excessive blush and pink lipstick and you’re good to go. Wear a onesie or a cutesy dress that your nan bought you last year and you had to pretend to love and hold a teddy bear. Also, pigtails are a MUST. Even creepier: add in some ‘cracks’ in your face with black eyeshadow. People will try and stab you, though. Possibly. You creepy thing, you. Here’s me trying to be spooky. I would add super long false lashes as well, but I don’t have any, hence why mine are bare!


There are loads more last-minute easy halloween costume ideas, you just have to search the internet! Let me know what your halloween plans are this year in the comments and don’t forget to watch the tutorials for these looks on my youtube channel!



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