halloween makeup look | peacock

It’s Halloweeeeeeeeeeen! I thought I’d do a spontaneous makeup look on my youtube channel and although it’s not spooky, it sure is fun and easy to do! I didn’t do very well because I didn’t plan it at all and only had the makeup in my collection to work with, but maybe it’s something I can revisit in the future. Head on over to youtube.com/hollife to see the full tutorial!

First I applied foundation, concealer and powder as usual, then filled in my eyebrows with some black eyeshadow. I used eyeliner to create the point on my nose and details around my eyes. My eBay palette with 180 colours came in handy to do the green, turquoise and blue eyeshadow! I used white and silver eyeliner for the accents and voila! Easy peasy. The lipstick is by LimeCrime and is aptly named ‘Peacock’. There’s a review of this and a couple of other lippies coming soon! Here’s some photos of how the whole look turned out…


Remember to check out the video of this look on my youtube channel, and let me know what your halloween costumes are this year! Look out for my costume (it’s not a peacock…) in tomorrow’s post. Have a happy halloween!


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