tracking finances in my bullet journal

As I’ve said in a previous post, I track everything in my bullet journal and keeping on top of finances has been one of the most useful things my journal has done for me! Keep reading to find out what I do.

I have two spreads to show you, so this won’t be a crazy long or detailed post, but i’m really digging the simplicity at the moment. With uni, the blog and youtube to run I haven’t had much time to bullet journal recently, so the simpler the better!


First, here’s my savings tracker. We’re currently saving for a few ‘big’ things – a new computer,Β a kitten, puppy, honeymoon, mortgage and a baby. I colour in a block each time we deposit Β£25 into the savings account! We currently have Β£550, so that’s halfway to a holiday!


Next is my budget spread. I separate the month into weeks to make things easier and include a total spend for each week. I then have categories for types of spending – bills, groceries, other food, days out, petrol and other. I have a row for the total spend of each category as well.

Having a budget spread helps us see where most of our money is going, so we know where to cut down and see exactly what we’re spending each week and month. It’s so helpful.

That’s it! I told you it was a short post. Hopefully you found this useful or interesting anyway. Let me know how you track your finances – it’s so interesting to see how other people organise their lives.


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