the autumn tag & why autumn is the best

Who doesn’t love autumn? Autumn is my favourite season – always has been – and not just because my birthday is in it (it’s tomorrow, btw).

Well, I’m sure that there ARE people who don’t like Autumn. This post is aimed at you, weirdos. Here’s some SOLID HARD EVIDENCE that Autumn is the best. Also, the Autumn tag questions are below. Woo!

Why Autumn = Best

  1. 1.Fashion 
    UM, hello?! It’s Fashion Week in September and all the magazines have their crazy Fashion issues in the Autumn. It’s the BEST season for fashion.
  2. Knitwear
    Cozy jumpers and dark knits. The best ❤
  3. Boots
    Your feet don’t get sweaty in boots like they do in summer!
  4. Nature
    The oranges and browns in the trees are gorgeous (and make good instagram pics)
  5. Pyjamas
    No longer is it too warm to wear pyjamas. You can finally wear those cute snuggly jammies!
  6. Brisk Air
    The humidity is down so you can breathe in that nice cool air. Being too hot is horrible. Autumn is the perfect temperature.
  7. Coffee
    Coffee shops bring out all their halloween and christmas flavours in Autumn. PSL, anyone?
  8. New Releases
    There’s always some great new movies in Autumn as well as new makeup and other products that are released before the Christmas shopping rush.


The Autumn Tag

  1. What signifies the start of Autumn for you?
    The coffee shops bringing out their new flavours, the cool air and the leavings turning red.
  2. What is your favourite Fall scent?
    This is a weird question. Um, can’t say I have one. Coffee, I guess!
  3. What is your favourite Autumn colour?
    Burnt orange.
  4. What is your favourite Fall drink?
  5. What TV show, new or old, are you looking forward to this Fall?
    We don’t actually really watch TV (no TV licence) buuut we do have Netflix! Black Mirror season 3 was out last month which I was excited for. I’m A Celebrity on ITV starts this month though, so we’ll be streaming that!!!!!
  6. What is your favourite Fall fashion trend?
    Cozy jumpers, boots. All the boots.
  7. What is your favourite Autumn activity?
    Drinking all the coffee and then some more coffee.
  8. What is your favourite Autumnal makeup look?
    My Tequila Sunrise eyes were fun to do!

I tag every one of my beautiful followers (over 200 of you now, yay!) so if you end up doing the Autumn tag, let me know so I can check out your posts!

Do you agree? Disagree? Let me know!


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