my first assignment at the OU

Another update about uni! Just under a week ago I submitted my first Open University assignment and thought I’d tell you how I found it.

The first assessment is meant to get you used to writing academically rather than being a full-on essay about a topic, which was nice to ease into. It was in two parts and each part had a word limit of 500 words (+/- 10%). This isn’t very many words! I went waaaaaaaaay over the word limit on each assignment and I found it really difficult to cut it down. In the end I feel like I couldn’t really express much after citations (which count towards the limit) but it’s a good exercise to get used to essay-writing and getting ‘to the point’.

The first part of the TMA (tutor-marked assessment) was about Cleopatra and we had to compare two texts that represented Cleopatra. I actually quite enjoyed this as I’m studying English Lang and Lit – this was the compulsory arts module – so it was what I was into anyway. I didn’t know anything about Cleo but now I feel like I know quite a bit! I

The second part was about Cézanne and we had to answer why he was groundbreaking. I know that anyone on the module who happens to read this (HI GUYS!) will agree with me: HE’S A SHITHEAD. The chapter we had to read had so much waffle we could have opened a bakery. Cézanne’s art wasn’t groundbreaking, it was just crap. I’ll show you the picture we had to focus on below:


It just wasn’t an interesting topic and I’ve never been ‘into’ art at all, so I found it quite hard to talk about. But I pushed through and so did everyone else.

I feel like we don’t have much input from the tutors of the module. When I signed up to the OU I was promised lots of discussion and online tutorials but we don’t have anything. We basically just read the chapter and churn out an essay, just using the given materials. Not great. But it’s just one module – I’m sure other modules are more interactive.

The next TMA is a reflection and edit of TMA1 so at least we get a second chance at making it better. It wasn’t the best one. But I’m sure it’ll get better. Let me know what you think of the painting I showed you! (The colours are a lot brighter in that picture. The real one is basically all brown).


One thought on “my first assignment at the OU

  1. I totally get how you feel about Cézanne – that part of the assignment was evil. Like…he’s just so shit. My grandad taught me about paintings and stuff and I bet that if he were still around he’d take one look and be like ‘…..what is this shit?’

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