upcoming christmas posts & videos

Don’t worry, Christmas isn’t starting before December 1st on the blog/youtube channel, but I thought I’d let you know what to expect from me over the Christmas period!

December 1st: 12 Questions of Christmas (+ youtube)
December 2nd: Homemade Gift Ideas
December 4th: Secret Santa ideas under £5
December 12th: Stocking filler ideas
December 13th: Why I Hate Christmas (+ youtube)
December 15th: Christmas Party Makeup Tutorial (+ youtube)
December 16th: How To Style A Christmas Jumper (+ youtube on 17th)
December 19th: On My Christmas Wishlist
December 20th: Our Christmas Decorations (+ youtube)
December 21st: How To Destress At Christmas
December 22nd: Why Boxing Day Is Better Than Christmas Day
December 24th: Christmas MOTD
December 25th: My Christmas Message
December 31st: Christmas Vlog (youtube only)

I’m super excited for the Christmas season! I love reading Christmassy blogs and watching youtube vids… what Christmas-themed blog posts are you guys planning? Don’t worry, there will be non-christmas posts and videos as well for you scrooges 😉


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