#hollifeholidays bullet journal challenge | december

I can’t believe how quickly the end of this year is going. It’s mad. It’s already month three of the #hollifeholidays challenge! Bloody hell! Find out all the info below as well as some of my drawings from November.

The challenge name is Hollife Holidays, with the simple hashtag #hollifeholidays. The idea is simple: ‘do’ the challenge each day (it’s up to you how you interpret the prompts) and upload your pics to instagram, facebook, twitter or your blog and make sure to use the hashtag and tag me so I can see your beautiful creations! My instagram username is hollife.journal and I will of course be uploading the prompts there too as well as showing you my doodles each day. Without further ado, here are the prompts!

december challenge.jpg

If you can’t read them clearly (ie if you’re on a small screen) I’ve included a list below as well:

  1. World Aids Day
  2. Special Education Day
  3. People with Disabilities Day
  4. Wear Brown Shoes Day
  5. Day of the Ninja
  6. Microwave Day
  7. Letter-writing Day
  8. Brownie Day
  9. Pastry Day
  10. Human Rights Day
  11. Mountain Day
  12. Gingerbread House Day
  13. Violin Day
  14. Monkey Day
  15. Lemon Cupcake Day
  16. Underdog Day
  17. Wright Brothers Day
  18. Bake Cookies Day
  19. Evergreen Day
  20. Caroling Day
  21. Haiku Poetry Day
  22. Regifting Day
  23. Roots Day
  24. Christmas Eve
  25. Christmas Day
  26. Boxing Day
  27. Make Cut-out Snowflakes Day
  28. Card Playing Day
  29. Pepper Pot Day
  30. No Interruptions Day
  31. New Years Eve

To complete the challenge, you could doodle each day like me, write a short journal piece, mark the prompt in your calendar, do an activity relating to the prompt (e.g. create a snowflake on the 27th!) or photograph something relevant to the challenge. Make sure to tag me in your insta pics, blog posts, tweets or facebook posts!

I’ve filmed a video for my youtube channel outlining the challenge for LAST month, showing you how I set up my spread and generally having a natter, so head on over if you want to watch that; just remember that the prompts will be different!

I’ll of course post a reminder on my instagram nearer the time so make sure you’re following me! Hope you guys have a great month ❤


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