one month until christmas!

Okay, NOW it can be Christmassy. Although, we still have a whole month to go. Any other time of year a month would be ages, but towards Christmas this doesn’t feel like any sort of time at all.

I’ve made all my Christmas plans, started to create my christmassy blog and youtube content (read what plans I have here) and I’ve done most of my Christmas shopping. In fact, the only person I still need to buy for is the husbeast! He is really difficult this year!

I’m looking forward to Christmas for the first time in ages this year. Last year we had Christmas on our own and Chris had to work on Christmas day which sucked, but this year we’re visiting my parents for a week and will therefore get a plate of my dad’s amazing Christmas dinner. I’m also looking forward to it because Chris is excited. His family didn’t do Christmas when he was a kid (or an adult, either) so he gets as excited as children get. It’s sweet.

We’re not doing gifts for everyone this year – just the kids (five of them this year, soon to be six) and our parents, so it’s less of a hassle and it’s also saving us a lot of money. We’re saving for a lot of things at the moment so we need to be a bit tightfisted. Why is Christmas so expensive???

Our decor is severely lacking. I might have to head over to Home Bargains and get some cheap decs for the house, because all we have is baubles.

That’s it, just a little update! Hope the next month is merry and bright for you all!


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