secret santa/stocking filler budget gift ideas

Secret Santa. The bane of many employees’ existences in December. It’s just your luck that you’d get the weird colleague whose name you didn’t know until now. But have no fear – I’ve compiled a list of non-specific gifts you can find for under a fiver. These are great gifts for stocking fillers as well!


alphabet erasers – 60p from


alphabet paperclips – £2.95 for four from


matchbox puzzles – £3.50 from


alcohol-scented toiletries – £4.95 from


grow your own basil kit – £4.95 from


magic beanstalks – £3 from


cocktail colouring book – £4.50 from


robot alarm clock – £4 from


impression sculpture – £4 from

clapper board with chalk – £3 from

magnetic speech bubbles – £2 from

LED book light – £2 from

tattoo plasters – £2 from

memory game – £3 from

crystal tree experiment – £2 from

pingpong set – £4 from

iced gems – £2 from

A6 rainbow notebook – £2 from

Yoga Dogs

yoga dogs book – £4.95 from


moustaches – £4 from


jellybean game – £3 from

Personalised Voodoo Doll

personalised voodoo doll – £4.99 from

Desktop Skip

desktop skip – £3.99 from

Squishy Mesh Ball

stress ball – £1.99 from

Cocktail Shaker Lip Balm

Cocktail Shaker Lip Balm – £2.49 from

Those were just some ideas and some websites that are great for unique (and cheap) gifts. Let me know what your secret santa plans are!



6 thoughts on “secret santa/stocking filler budget gift ideas

  1. My Secret Santa recipient this year is cultivating a nice beard, so I’ve got him beard baubles. They’re the sort of thing you could make yourself with some mini baubles and kirby grips, though I picked mine up off of eBay. 😉


  2. the ‘grow your own basil kit’ and the ‘crystal tree experiment’ sound awesome!! my science teacher had a christmas crystal tree, i found it really fascinating and wouldn’t mind having one myself 🙂 x


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