One Semester Done (nearly) | Uni Diary

It’s basically Christmas, which makes it nearly the end of the first term of uni! Two assignments submitted and another in progress… but how’s it going?

My first assignment, whilst a horrible topic (Cleopatra and the artist Cezanne’s reputations) went surprisingly well. I got 88% which is in the top tier of grades. My second assignment was a reflection and rewrite of the first after looking at feedback. I received 88% on that one too!

I’m finding it difficult to keep on track of all the notes and assessments that I need to be doing, mostly because I’m blogging and youtubing a lot, which tires me out , so then I can only do uni work at odd times. I need to follow my own advice from my study tips post but I’m a procrastinator – that’s just who I am!

My next assignment is due just after new year and I’ve done the first half of it (about the Dalai Lama) but the second half is probably the thing I like least – poetry. I do need to make a start, though, especially because I’ll be busy over Christmas.

If any of you guys are interested, I’ll be posting some OU-specific ‘newbie’ tips soon and telling you how I use a bullet journal for studying as well.

Just a quick update this time, hope you’re all doing well! Are you excited about Christmas?


One thought on “One Semester Done (nearly) | Uni Diary

  1. Well done. It sounds like you’re doing really well.

    I hated the Cezanne unit but funnily enough I got one of my highest marks for it. I wonder if perhaps it wasn’t my kind of thing I was maybe more objective about it. You might surprise yourself with the poetry unit. 😉


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