Why Boxing Day is better than Christmas Day

Boxing day is underrated, in my opinion. I mentioned in my Christmas Tag that Boxing day is my ‘second Christmas’ as we have two sides of the family to see, so I love it! Let me tell you why I think it’s better than actual Christmas…

  1. it’s more chilled out and has less pressure
    In my ‘I Hate Christmas’ post, I mentioned the stress that Christmas. Boxing day is soooo much more laid-back. 
  2. leftovers = amazing
    Bubble & Squeak… OMG YES. Get in my belly! Also, turkey sandwiches with stuffing, extra sprouts and cranberry sauce. Mmmmmm.
  3. you get to play with your new toys
    A whole day for trying out your new stuff! Brill. 
  4. you can have a lay-in
    Christmas is frantic and usually everyone’s up at the crack of dawn to get things ready and open stockings and things. Boxing day = more time in bed.
  5. you get the ‘sunday feeling’
    Not the bad one where you know you have to go to school the next day, but the chilled out, relaxed type of vibe.
  6. second christmas!
    I’m sure I’m not the only one who has second Christmas on Boxing Day. More food and presents and games! Yay!

Hope your Boxing Days are merry and bright ❤


4 thoughts on “Why Boxing Day is better than Christmas Day

    • Boxing day for other people isn’t anything! But for us its second Christmas. We don’t have Thanksgiving so not sure if it’s the same thing 🙂


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