Christmas is so stressful for many. I thought I’d give you some tips to help calm you down this season. You can also check out my post about self-care for more ideas!


  • Eat ALL the chocolate
    You know you have like, 40 selection boxes. You know it.
  • Use your 101 new bath sets (or the ones you haven’t used yet from last year)
    Bath bombs are SO FUN.
  • Watch some cheesy movies and TV
    Christmas specials are just so awful, but so so good.
  • Give yourself a makeover (why not watch some of my YouTube videos?!)
    Whack out that glitter!
  • Drink a lot of wine (mulled or not)
    I mean, only if you’re over the age of 18 of course… I prefer Snowballs (Advocaat, Lime and Lemonade with a Glace cherry)
  • Do a facemask – especially after all the chocolate!
    Or get eye masks for your hungover and tired eyes.
  • Arrange Christmas drinks with friends or go to a Christmas party!
    Let alcohol (enjoyed responsibly) and dancing shake your stress away…
  • Start planning your 2017 summer holiday…!
    Quick! January sales are a thing from Boxing Day onwards, even for holidays.

Hope you all have a lovely, non-stressful Christmas!



  1. I’ve been watching plenty of Christmas films, definitely a good way to destress.

    I’ve also been colouring in. I find it very relaxing to pop in a Christmas film and then colour away to my heart’s content. I’ve got a couple of Christmas colouring books too so it’s helping me feel festive and mellow at the same time. 😉


    • I used to be really into colouring but sort of fell off the bandwagon with that a bit! I should get back into it, it’s so soothing


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