January Update (reminder)

Just a little post to remind you what my schedule is going to be like from January onwards!

In January I will be posting 6 days a week on the blog; from Monday to Saturday. The posts will continue to be up at 5pm GMT except for Saturday, which will be 3pm GMT instead. I am also concentrating less on personal posts, so expect to see more reviews and things rather than ‘storytime’ posts. There will still be some personal posts, but just less of them. I wasn’t actually enjoying writing them!

I currently post YouTube videos three times a week – Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, all at 3 or 4pm GMT. I’m actually  upping that to 4x a week to include Wednesdays. It’s an experiment and depends how much I can fit in the week – I don’t want to make any promises! (Click here to visit my channel; I post mostly beauty but also lifestyle and bullet journaling too).

From March 2017 I will be reducing my blog posts to five times a week – only posting Monday-Thursday and Saturday, just because my uni work will be getting harder and more frequent. I hope that by doing that I can increase the quality of each post!

In the new year I hope to make the blog happyhollife.com – but I’m not 100% sure I want to keep it as happyhollife! If you have any suggestions, leave them below. I think I want to keep ‘hollife’ in there somehow, though. I also want to get some new lighting and a new camera at some point in 2017!

Thanks for reading! I’m really excited about 2017. Let’s make it our year!


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