Spotlight on… | January

Welcome to a new feature on my blog where I put the spotlight on my current favourite or underrated small youtubers and bloggers. I’m going to be doing this every 3 months, so if you want to feature on April, July or October’s post, send me a message using the ’email’ form on the menu of my blog and let me know your details. Click the names of my chosen spotlight accounts to visit them and make sure to let them know I sent you!

youtubers for spotlight.jpg

  1. Lauren Marie
    If you like my channel, you’ll love Lauren’s. She focuses on beauty and lifestyle and has been making videos since July of 2016. She’s also one of my IRL friends!
  2. So Soraia
    Another similar channel to mine, Soraia has been youtubing properly for about a year. She’s so sweet and makes really nice videos.
  3. Alekk Potter
    One of those channels you just know is going to blow up. Her makeup tutorials are always so flawless and she’s been doing youtube for five months.

bloggers spotlight.jpg

  1. currentlylately
    Paige started blogging 5 days after I did and omg her blog is sooo much better. One of my faves.
  2. sittingintheclouds
    Another gorgeous, well-put-together blog. #goals. Rachel started blogging in May 2016 but it’s like she’s been doing it since the womb.
  3. kawaiipeachgrl
    Molly is someone I think would be my BFF, just from reading her blog posts. She’s so down-to-earth and has great makeup reviews.She started in May 2016 as well!

    Hope you enjoy these six awesome people and their blogs/channels! ❤

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