In my opinion (and, um the entire internet’s) the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara is the most popular high-end mascara out there. I decided to compare it to the most popular drug store mascara – the Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara! I also did a video version of this last week, where I couldn’t make a decision, which is why I waited to write this blog post – I wanted to try them out a few more times. Find that video below and don’t forget to subscribe!

Let’s start with the packaging. Being a high-end mascara, Better Than Sex came in a cardboard box with some info on the side, whereas Lash Sensational comes as is. The Too Faced mascara boasts that it can volumise lashes by almost 2000% and the Maybelline mascara says that it’s lash multiplying. The actual tubes of mascara are both pink but the Too Faced one has fancy 3D writing on it and is a lot heavier.


The wands are notably different, with Lash Sensational being a banana shape with short plastic bristles and the Better Than Sex mascara being hourglass shaped with longer, less dense bristles. I never really know if wand shape and type ever really make a difference but I suppose it must do.


The price difference is obviously majorly different as expected with high-end vs high street. Better Than Sex retails at £19 (in Debenhams) or £21 (in other places) and Lash Sensational at £7.99. You get 8ml of mascara with Too Faced’s mascara and 9.5ml with Maybelline’s, which is surprising – you get a whole 1.5ml less in the more expensive mascara!

Okay, let’s put them to the test. I’m going to put Lash Sensational on my right eye and Better Than Sex on my left, without priming my lashes or curling them. I will put two coats of each and treat it like any other day of mascara! I won’t put any eyeshadow on either, just so you can see it better.

As you can see, both mascaras volumise and lengthen a lot, but to different effects. Lash Sensational was slightly less volumising and feels quite heavy on my lashes, but lengthened more. Whereas Better Than Sex feels very lightweight, was a bit clumpy but volumised better.

Neither mascara curled my lashes (Better Than Sex looks more curled because my lashes are naturally more curled on that eye). I would have liked to see more lift but I have very stubborn eyelashes which never curl, no matter what!

At the moment I actually prefer Lash Sensational, but I think I still need more time to play with Better Than Sex to get the application better.

What did you think of each mascara? Let me know in the comments and feel free to recommend some mascaras that might help my stupid eyelashes!




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