I’ve been wanting to review this palette for ages, because I love it (spoiler alert) so I’m excited to finally do it for you! I’m also doing a demo of this on my YouTube channel so make sure to check that out! It’ll be in the sidebar of my blog if you’re on a PC or you can subscribe by clicking the link below!



Makeup Revolution have some awesome palettes and this one is no exception. You get 16 stunning shadows in here for just Ā£7. Find it on (worldwide), Superdrug (UK) or Ulta (US).

Here’s the swatches. The shades are gorgeous; I especially like the top row with the reds and pinks. I’m going to run through each shade and its finish for you now, just in case you want more info!


  • Bias is a great inner corner or brow bone highlight. It’s a light champagne with a pearly finish.
  • Neutral is a mauve neutral matte and is perfect for transition.
  • Personal is a peachy pink shimmer but needs some building up for a fully pigmented finish.
  • Vogue is a coral pink with a satin finish which is super easy to use.
  • Trend is a warm matte brown that is really pigmented.
  • New-tral is my favourite in the palette – a berry pink with an almost satin finish.
  • Tone is a burgendy matte shade and is great for the outer corner.
  • Custom is a cool brown matte which needs building up as it is quite sheer.
  • Cool is an off-white matte and is perfect for setting eye primer and helping with blending.
  • Style is a shimmery light pink and is so soft but slightly patchy.
  • Partial is almost rose-gold, just slightly darker. It’s easy to use and has a foil finish.
  • Mode is a light bronze and has a foil finish.
  • Adapt is a matte taupe and another great transition shade. It’s so easy to blend.
  • Buff is taupe as well but it has a pearly finish.
  • Suit is a dark taupe and and is also a pearl finish.
  • Strong is a black with purple/pink glitter. It has surprisingly good pigmentation but has some fallout.

For the demo of this palette, watch the YouTube video, which is linked in my sidebar! Or click the link at the top and bottom of this blog post to visit my channel. What did you think of the palette?


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