How To Use The Morphe Contour Kit (06PC)

I love a contour kit. Super easy to use and it’s all there in front of you, but sometimes it’s difficult to know how to properly utilise the whole palette! I received the Light Morphe Contour Palette – the 06PC – and thought I’d demo how I use every single pan.


mrphe contour kit.jpg


First I’m using #2 to powder my entire face after foundation and concealer. It gives light coverage and sets the product underneath it.


Next, with #3 I’m setting under my eyes. The yellowness of this pan brightens up my undereye area nicely.


I’m then contouring my cheekbones, nose and temples with #6. This isn’t too dark like a lot of contour powders!


To neaten up the contour, I’m using the white (#1) to bake and I’m also putting this under my eyes to brighten them even further. You could leave this on to catch any fallout from eyeshadow as well.


To warm up my complexion I’m using #4 around the perimeters of my face with a bronzer brush.


Lastly I’m using #5, which is a light pink colour, on the apples of my cheeks as blush.

There are darker versions of this palette for darker skintones and also a 9-pan version as well for more variety. I love Morphe’s products – they are always super blendable and simple to use!


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