How to do Ombre Lips!

I’ve been wanting to try ombre lips for a while, and thought I’d share my attempts with you here! I’m going to try FIVE different methods!

how to do ombre lips (sort of).jpg

1. This method uses a lipliner and a lipstick. All you need is a slighty darker liner to your lipstick! I applied the lipliner around my lips and smudged it in slightly, then applied the lipstick all over my lips. This looked quite subtle but effective. I wouldn’t call it ombre though.

2. This is meant to be the easiest, you need two lipsticks – one slightly darker that the other. You apply one lipstick to each lip and blend together in the centre using your finger or a flat brush. Again, I went the subtle route and it does look cool!

3. Method three is the opposite of method one and has been seen on the catwalks! It can look a bit ‘editorial’ but produces a cool effect. You take your darker lipstick and put it on the centre of your lips, then put the lighter lipstick around the edges. You can blend together with a brush or your finger. You can’t really tell with the lipsticks I chose but I actually do quite like how it turned out.

4. Method four uses a lipstick and an eyeshadow/highlight depending on the colour and effect you want. First you apply your lipstick like normal, then dab the eyeshadow/highlight in the centre of your lips with your finger or a brush! I LOVE how this looks. Not something for every day but it looks so awesome.

5. The final method needs a lipstick and a translucent powder. Like method four, you apply a lipstick as normal and then use the powder in the centre of the lips for a subtle ombre look. This was a giant fail. It looked so bad and powdery!

I’ll probably revisit this at some point and try some different lipstick formulas and colours to make the ombre effects less subtle, because I feel like most of the ombre-ness was really difficult to see.

Let me know what you think and if you’ll be attempting to do ombre lips yourself! It’s always fun to try new things and I really enjoyed creating this lip looks.


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