Blog promo and getting traffic to your posts is somewhat of an art form. I’m not an expert (especially with SEO) but I do some promotion that works pretty well. I thought I’d share my ‘behind the scenes’ blog promotion tactics!

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  • I set up wordpress so my posts publish automatically to my personal facebook, twitter and LinkedIn. You can even customise the message so I make sure to include a caption that encourages people to read (without being clickbaity). I also post on instagram occasionally and my blog link is in my bio.
  • I have a Facebook ‘like’ page so I post each blog post and youtube video on there and encourage engagement by asking questions. I try and post other things too so it’s not just promo but I have been a bit lax with that lately!
  • I share each blog post to a few facebook groups if it’s appropriate. I am active in a few makeup groups so I share my beauty posts in there with a description and a reason to post, not just a link-dump. I also post in a few blog-specific groups.
  • I look at threads, tweets, comments (etc) on various social media and if I answer a question in a post or a blog post is relevant to the topic, I link it there as a reply. I never spam, I only post relevant things.
  • I comment on most of what I read. I don’t include a blog link in my comments, but even just a normal comment like ‘I love how you did your eyeliner!’ might encourage someone to click on me. It’s good to built up a community and I’m always genuine in my comments.
  • I ‘pin’ everything I do. This is a recent thing, but you may have noticed little pinterest-esque graphics at the beginning of each post. This is so I can pin it easily! Pinterest is great for getting traffic, so make sure to do some research and consider adding it to your blog promo tasks.
  • SEO isn’t something I’ve researched properly and used a lot but using keywords in your blog posts can drive traffic to your blog. I try and include relevant keywords within each blog post but I don’t focus on it too much right now.
  • I have my blog linked on all of my social media bios and descriptions!

Those were all the ways I promote my blog and blog posts. How do you share yours? Let me know in the comments!


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