The Little Things That Make Me Happy

It’s easy to get distracted by the big things that determine our happiness – a job, a new house, a partner – but sometimes it’s nice to sit back and focus on the small things.

  • a crisp, cool autumn day when the sun is shining
  • cats meowing
  • starbucks coffee
  • a surprise treat from my husband
  • finishing a puzzle
  • when my makeup goes well
  • wearing new shoes (and they’re comfy)
  • buying new makeup
  • guinea pig squeaks
  • finding a bargain
  • birthday cake
  • listening to dramatic music and imagining a story to go with it
  • when my youtube videos get good views
  • taking a good selfie
  • sunsets
  • date nights with my husband
  • using a facemask
  • receiving parcels and getting letters
  • reading a new magazine
  • scented candles
  • my snakes being cute
  • losing weight
  • getting lots of likes on instagram
  • having a good hair day
  • planning in advance
  • getting tattoos
  • rollercoasters and waterslides
  • drinking lots of water and feeling hydrated
  • finding a ‘holy grail’ product
  • writing in a notebook with a nice pen
  • guessing something correctly
  • reading an old book

What little things make you happy?


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