£6 Kylie Lipkit Dupe?! | MUR Matte Lipkit Review

2017bullet journalsetup (11).jpg

Makeup Revolution and the other TAMBeauty brands are the QUEENS of dupes, there’s no doubt about it. They recently came out with their own range of lipkits, and I have one of the kits to try out for you today! Buy the lipkit for only £6 here from *TAMBeauty or here from *Superdrug!

*links are affiliate links


These lipkits feature a matte liquid lipstick and a lipliner. I got the shade Glory, which is a deep brown. My eyeliner actually broke in transit but I keep sharpening it and try and use it to the best of my capabilities! It’s so lovely and creamy and pigmented that I can’t not use it. It matches the lipstick really well too. Here are the swatches on my hand and lips!

The lipstick stays quite sticky if you layer it up a lot but does go completely matte, so you may want to add a topcoat or a layer of powder to stop the stickiness. The colour is a little too dark for me I think, but it’s a nice even layer of colour and would look awesome on some deeper skintones. I do like the lipkit, and will be purchasing some other colours in the future!

What did you think? Should I try the gloss and/or metallic versions for another blog post?


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