Day to Night Makeup

Sometimes it’s just not possible to spend a while redoing your makeup for an evening out (like if you were going for drinks after work), so hopefully these tips will help refresh your makeup without the need to take your whole making bag with you!

What you’ll need:

  • either powder OR fixing spray
  • lipstick
  • highlight

Step one: Choose a GOOD primer and foundation/concealer for the day. Your base has to last a long time, so pick a long-lasting product for each. Set your face with powder and setting spray.

Step two: Choose an everyday look for work/uni/whatever! How about a smokey eye but with browns and golds instead of darker colours to make it work appropriate? Keep it simple but still nice-looking.

Step three: After work, use your powder or fixing spray to fix up your base (depending on whether you’re oily or dry). Powder will help with oil and fixing spray will help with dryness.

Step four: Use highlight on your cheekbones, cupids bow, brow bone, inner corners and even in the centre of your eyelid to quickly make your face turn UP. Never underestimate the power of a glow!

Step five: Finally, put on a brighter or more dramatic lipstick to bring the look together and make it look more evening-y.

What are your recommendations for long-wearing foundations and primers? Leave your suggestions below!


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